Christmas Gift Guide for Children 2019

03 Dec Christmas Gift Guide for Children 2019

The LuxGifts team adore Christmas and love giving gifts to our partners, children, friends and family during this festive time. Our LuxGifts Christmas Gift Guide for Children will help give you all the inspiration you need to find that extra special gift for young ones this Christmas.

On behalf of the Luxgifts team I would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2020.


Science Mad Chemistry Lab

SM40_ScienceMad_Chemistry Lab_PACK_3D 800x800 96 dpiThe ideal Christmas gift for budding scientists is the Science Mad Chemistry Lab from Trends UK. Children can discover the wonders of chemistry with this well-equipped laboratory set where they can perform over 80 safety-tested, themed experiments.

Each experiment is clearly planned and set out and children can use the detailed instruction manual to help them carry out the experiments. The set contains 10 different chemicals and a real methylated spirit burner, making it easy to learn about the fascinating chemical reactions involving heat.

This Science Mad Chemistry Lab is the ideal starter kit for any young scientist and helps them understand how different chemical substances behave. It is suitable for children aged 10 years and over. The RRP is £29.99.

My Fairy Garden

my fiary gardenEncourage little gardeners to create their own magical fairy oasis with gifts from My Fairy Garden. The My Fairy Garden range of toys have some wonderful gifts that any little gardener would love to find in their Christmas stocking this year.

The Fairy Garden kit involves children following the 12-page activity guide to learn how to construct their own enchanted miniature cottage and beautiful living garden. This kit contains everything children need to make their fairy feel at home, and just need to add some imagination to help them create a beautiful fairy oasis.

The My Fairy Nature Oasis is another fantastic kit that is designed to support children’s learning about nature. This gorgeous fairy plant pot house comes with two fairies, a frog, a butterfly and two ladybirds, a bug house, water butt and wind spinner. Children can grow edible plants from the seeds provided.

The Fairy Garden toys are recommended for children aged 4 and over and are great for developing children’s imaginations and developing their understanding of nature. Prices start from £7.99.


Argos, Smyths

Pooki WinkPooki is a new generation of interactive pets that children will adore this Christmas. Children will love to stroke, pat and tickle the fur on Pooki’s head and see her expression change.

Pooki can display emotions, adventures and cartoons on its screen through AniMotion technology and internal projection. With over one hour of content and reactive animatronic head and ears, Pooki can interact with its owner to create a lovely friendship. Pooki also connects to an app so you can feed Pooki and send it commands.

Children will love that Pooki can respond differently to how they interact. For example, if you call her name she will look at you and if you shout she gets scared.

Pooki is one of the must have toys this Christmas. It is suitable for children aged 3 and over and the RRP is £64.99.


John Adams

colour mazingColourMazing is the new, innovative and exciting way to colour in. You simply spread the ink, blend the colours seamlessly together and watch as the ink magically stops at the lines to create colourful pictures.

Children will have hours of fun over the festive period creating incredible colourful pictures. There are many sets in the range including the ColourMazing 3D Jungle Adventures and the ColourMazing Garden Friends.

The ColourMazing 3d Jungle Adventures set involves making a pop-up monkey scene, creating a flying bird with wings that flap, making your own theatre show with finger puppets, as well as a beautiful jungle mobile. The Garden Friends set involves making your own theatre show with finger puppets. Each set includes four craft activities to decorate and make as well as six magic ink pens. The RRP for both sets is £17.99.

The ColourMazing sets are great gifts for Christmas as they will keep little ones entertained on cold winter days. They are suitable for children aged 6 years and over. Visit for stockists.

3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set

Argos, Amazon

3d doodler start3Doodler is the ideal gift for a creative child as they can bring all their imaginative ideas to life. This safe 3D pen is compact and easy to use.  It uses biodegradable 3Doodler plastic that is made entirely from food-grade materials, is BPA-Free and non-toxic. The pen nozzle and plastic can also be safely touched with no risk of burning.  The 3Doodler extrudes heated plastic that cools almost instantly into a solid, stable structure.

The 3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set is a fun and educational gift that both children and adults will love. This set has everything you need to start doodling in 3D, including the 3Doodler Start 3D printing Pen, 2 mixed-coloured packs of 3Doodler start plastic, a micro-USB charging cable and a 3Doodler start activity guide.

This set inspires creativity, design, planning, building and spatial understanding and is perfect to help develop imaginative, creative minds. The RRP is £44.99.

Love Leggings

leggingsLove Leggings sell high quality leggings that are ideal stocking fillers. Love Leggings have a wonderful range of leggings available including sports leggings, everyday leggings, maternity leggings and leggings for children. All their leggings are made from the highest quality fabrics with a non-see-through guarantee.

The range of Children’s leggings is great. These leggings are perfect for play-time as they are durable and super soft. They are also non-see-through and are made from the softest cotton for the ultimate comfort and shape retention. They are available in ages 2 to 13 years so are ideal for toddlers as well and will keep them comfortable whilst they are moving around all day long.

The Children’s leggings are available in 17 shades so you can choose the colour that will best suit the wearer. The colours range from timeless colours such as black, navy and grey to the more daring and bold colours such as pinks, yellows and greens.  They are also available in cropped and full length. The RRP is £8.50.

Marty the Robot

martykitMarty the Robot is a great gift to find under the Christmas tree this year. It is an educational robot that is designed to make robotics and engineering accessible to children, makers and educators.

Marty is a walking robot, with lots of controllable motors and sensors and can be programmed with languages like Scratch and Python. It is very easy to get started but can also go to a really advanced level in a range of aspects of robotics. This means Marty can be used by children in late primary school all the way up to university level.

Marty the Robot brings STEM to life. It can be controlled remotely over WiFi but can also be programmed in a variety of programming languages.  The assembly of Marty takes about 3-4 hours and has been designed to be slightly challenging. Everything you need is in the box including 9 motors; tilt, acceleration, bump and motor force sensors. It also includes a WiFi-enabled control board, rechargeable battery and charger and even a screwdriver.

The world of robotics is brought to life with this character filled robot that not only walks, but can dance, turn and even kick a ball.  His eyebrows can even move to show emotion.

Mart the Robot is an ideal gift for all the family at Christmas. The RRP is £150.00.

Huggable Talking Bing

Boots, Argos

talking bingPerfect for little ones this Christmas is the Huggable Talking Bing Soft Toy. This toy is wonderfully soft and is perfect for cuddling. Children simply press Bing’s tummy to hear lots of his favourite phrases from his TV show. There are over 15 phrases to hear and fans of Bing will love hearing him talk and giggle.

This soft toy Bing has fine embroidered facial features and soft fabrics making it a toy children will love to cuddle and play with. Bing is wearing his iconic red checked dungarees with his special plastic button at the front of his dungarees.

This toy is suitable from birth and is perfect to find in a Christmas stocking this year.  The RRP is £16.00.