LeapFrog AlphaPup

Helps little ones learn the alphabet and phonics

01 Apr LeapFrog AlphaPup

The LeapFrog AlphaPup is a great gift for any child between 1 and 3 years old. It teaches the alphabet and phonics in a fun, playful way with the help of a cute little pup.

The AlphaPup is a pull along toy that trots along with paw-shaped wheels and creates a cute swagger whilst moving. Children will absolutely adore pulling this cute pup along.. My two year old niece loves pulling the pup everywhere she goes!

Children can pull the pup’s leash or press the music note to sing along to three learning songs, and also press the bone button to learn fun doggie phrases.

This wonderful pup also has vibrant, colourful stripes that are buttons that trigger letter sounds and names to help teach children phonics and early vocabulary. The buttons have the letter printed on them so children can make connections with how the letter looks and how it sounds.

The AlphaPup is available in two colours; LeapFrog’s signature green and a bright pink. The toy also has velvet soft floppy ears that are great fun to pet.

This wonderful toy is perfect for helping little ones learn their alphabet and phonics. It is available from www.leapfrogstore.co.uk and the RRP is £16.99.