STIHL Compact Cordless Chainsaw

A compact, powerful, lightweight chainsaw

04 Oct STIHL Compact Cordless Chainsaw

stihl-compact-chainsawA perfect gift for anyone who enjoys pruning in the garden or who needs to cut logs for their fire is the STIHL Compact Cordless Chainsaw. This chainsaw is lightweight so you will not need to endure using a heavy, large chainsaw again.

The STIHL Compact Cordless Chainsaw is a great size and weight, and makes using a chainsaw very easy. This chainsaw is perfectly balanced and weighs just 3.7kg. It is also very powerful and provides a precise, smooth cut.

When I tried this chainsaw I was extremely surprised not only how lightweight it was but also how quiet the battery was. I was expecting it to make a very loud, roaring noise but this was not the case. I also liked the soft handle as it made it comfortable to use.

This cordless chainsaw has many safety features which I thought was great. The hand guard must be released for the saw to operate and the quick-stop chain brake significantly reduces the chain coasting time once the trigger is released. I also loved that the battery’s neutral locking position meant that the chainsaw was safe to move and could not be accidentally started when you are moving it.

stihlI used the chainsaw for about 20 minutes and found it very comfortable to use, and loved how my garden looked after I had used it. I also liked the fact that this chainsaw is cordless as I did not have to worry about cords getting in the way when I was using it. This chainsaw has a run time of 35 minutes so you have plenty of time to work uninterrupted when pruning things in your garden or when cutting firewood to replenish your log store.

This chainsaw can also be stored neatly and easily as it has a handy eyelet so you can hang it on the wall.

This MSA 120 C-BQ cordless chainsaw is just one product in the new STIHL Compact Cordless System. Other products include a cordless leaf blower, hedge trimmer and grass trimmer. If these work just as well as the cordless chainsaw, your garden will look absolutely wonderful.

Each tool in the STIHL Compact Cordless System is supplied with a charger and one of two long lasting 36V Lithium-ion batteries, with different energy capacities. A brilliant feature of this system is that all the tools in the STIHL Cordless Compact system have compatible batteries.

The STIHL Cordelss Compact Chainsaw is both powerful and lightweight, making using it very comfortable. It is the ideal gift for garden lovers.

The RRP is £249 and is available from over 650 STIHL Approved Dealerships nationwide, with experts on hand to offer help and advice.