Vax ONEPWR Glide

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10 Jun Vax ONEPWR Glide

vax glide 1Keeping your home clean and hygienic is a priority for us all and we all know that having hard floors means double the work; first vacuuming the floors and then washing and drying. The cordless Vax Glide is an all-in-one hard floor cleaner that takes the chore out of cleaning hard floors by helping you save time because it vacuums, washes and dries all at the same time.

Having hard floors in the home is becoming increasingly popular as hard floors not only look great but are the ideal choice for busy homes, especially homes with pets and children where muddy paws and shoes come into the home or food is spilt or pet hair is dropped. The Vax Glide cleans these floors with ease and kills 99.9% of bacteria.

The Vax Glide is so easy to use and cleans the home thoroughly and quickly. It uses innovative twin-tank technology to mix Vax solution and clean water and efficiently extracts dirt and the lifts bacteria away. It uses an advanced multi-surface brush roll and collects the dirt in a dirty water tank. You will be amazed how dirty the dirty water tank gets as even if your floors look clean, the Vax Glide will show you how much ‘invisible’ dirt is actually on your floors.

I used the Vax Glide on kitchen tiles and laminate flooring and was amazed how much dirt came up. One of the great features with the Glide is that is also vacuums and washes your floor so the cleaning process is actually very quick. It also dries the floors so you don’t have to wait for floors to dry before you can carry on cleaning.  I used the Vax Glide to clean under the sofas and did not have to wait ages for the floor to dry before putting the sofas back to clean the rest of the room.

The Vax Glide also has LED headlights so you can see all debris as you clean. There are two modes on the Vax Glide; ECO and HIGH. These modes are very useful as the ECO mode can be used for a general clean whilst the HIGH mode can be used on stubborn dirt.

One fantastic feature of the Vax Glide is the launch of the Vax OnePwr battery. This is the next generation of battery technology. The OnePwr has fade free lithium-ion technology and provides constant, powerful performance. Amazingly, this battery can be shared with other products in the Vax OnePwr range and allows you to buy spare batteries if needed. Also, if the battery reaches the end of its life you can simply buy a new battery and will not need to bin the vacuum or product. Other products in the OnePwr range include the Vax Blade Cordless Vacuum and the SpotlessGo Cordless Spot Washer.  The OnePwr battery in the Glide gives up to 30 minutes run time, enough to clean without recharging.

The Vax Glide is a superior hard floor cleaner that cleans quickly and easily. The product itself is also easy to clean so it will always work to its full potential. Once you have finished washing the floors the auto-clean system rinses the machine ready for its next use. The twin-tanks can also be released with a simple push of a button so they can be emptied and rinsed thoroughly ready for their next use.

The Vax Glide is suitable to use on sealed wood, laminate, engineered wood, stone, vinyl and lino. The RRP is £249.99 and it is available from