Bobble Bottles

Fantastic water bottles to keep you hydrated every day

06 Jun Bobble Bottles

category-header-infuse-2Bobble bottles are a great way to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day and are a fantastic alternative to single-serve plastic water bottles as you can help eliminate unnecessary waste.

Bobble bottles come with a replaceable carbon filter that is designed to make ordinary tap water taste better with every single sip. There will be no need to keep buying bottled water as this handy filter in the Bobble bottles, filters your water wonderfully.  When water passes through this carbon filter, chlorine from ordinary tap water is removed. Each replaceable bobble filter can be brilliantly used up to 300 times.

Bobble bottles look both stylish and fun are available in a range of bright colours and designs. Each Bobble bottle includes a water filter and some also include a carry cap. This carry cap makes the bottle easy to carry as you can loop it through a belt, purse handle or backpack.

The Bobble bottles are available in many different colours so you can choose the bottle best suited to you.  The bottles are also available in two sizes; 550ml and 1l.  The RRP for the Bobble bottles start from £8.99.

Bobble have a wonderful ‘infuse’ range of bottles that allows you to infuse your water with fresh fruits and vegetables that are bursting with flavour.  I use one of these bottles daily and I absolutely love how easy it is to infuse my water. My favourite flavours at the moment are lemon and mint! When you infuse your water you cannot use the carbon filter at the same time so you need to simply take out the filer when you want to infuse your water instead of filtering it.  The RRP for the Infuse range is £14.99.

metalic_mobileAnother fabulous bottle range from Bobble is the ‘Insulate’ range. These bottles are stainless steel, insulated, leak-proof and sweat-proof that will keep your water cool for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. This bottle is brilliant for those hot days when you need your drink to stay cool and for those cold wintery days when you really need a nice hot drink to keep you warm. The RRP for the Insulate range is £24.99.

Bobble bottles are a wonderful range of bottles to suit all the family. There are also children’s bottles and sports bottles available. These bottles look great and help keep you hydrated throughout the day. To see the full range of bottles and for stockists visit