Chai Wu

A fabulous dining experience

11 Apr Chai Wu

Chai Wu sweet and sourChai Wu is a contemporary Chinese restaurant that is situated in the iconic department store, Harrods. Chai Wu is a modern restaurant that incorporates the five elements of the Chinese philosophy; wood, metal, water, earth and fire.

When entering the restaurant, the first thing that struck me was how elegant and calming the dining setting is. The soft lighting, elegant design of the restaurant combined with tranquil calmness, resulted in a dining experience which was not only relaxing but also allowed me to enjoy conversations with the person I was with.

Throughout our dining experience in Chai Wu we were greeted with impeccable service. All the Chai Wu staff were extremely friendly and were always there to assist if we needed anything. The staff also recommended some dishes for us to try to accompany our order, which were absolutely amazing. Their choice of wines for us also complemented the food beautifully.

The food at Chai Wu is exceptional. All the dishes we tried were full of stunning, remarkable flavours. Each dish was also presented beautifully. The Sweet and Sour Chicken served in a dragon fruit was one of the highlights of the meal. The food was cooked perfectly and it was one of the best sweet and sour dishes I have tasted. The addition of the dragon fruit to the dish added a freshness which complemented the chicken perfectly. This dish was also gorgeous to look at. The dragon fruit was cut in half and hollowed and then filled with the sweet and sour chicken. The food was presented on a jet black plate that highlighted the colours of the food wonderfully.

chai wu green trea fondantAnother fantastic dish we tried was the Salt and Pepper Squid with Chilli and Sichuan Peppercorns. This was presented in three bamboo pots and tasted amazing. The squid was deliciously crispy and tasted fantastic. The chilli added a wonderful ‘kick’ to the food and made the squid taste much more interesting.

We also tried the Chai Wu Fried Rice which included prawns, Alaskan king crab, vegetables and a sauce. This rice was lovely and could easily be eaten on its own as it was very flavoursome. The Dim Sum platter was also fantastic and I especially enjoyed the steamed Wagyu Beef ones. Other dishes we tried were the Singapore Alaskan King Crab Meat, Wagyu Beef skewers, Crispy Smoked Chicken and Alaskan Crab Meat with Pea Shoot. All these dishes were wonderful and tasted outstanding.

Chai Wu also had a lovely selection of desserts which were just as gorgeous as our main meal. I tried the Green Tea Chocolate Fondant which was remarkable. It was served with ice cream and passion fruit, which complimented the fondant beautifully. My partner tried the Chocolate Sphere with berries and toffee caramel. The chocolate was beautifully rich and the sweetness of the toffee caramel mixed with the berries was lovely.

Our visit to Chai Wu was wonderful. The food was outstanding and the service was impeccable. I would definitely recommend a visit to this restaurant as you will thoroughly enjoy both the food and the experience.

Chai Wu is located on the Fifth Floor of Harrods in Knightsbridge, South West London.