Christmas 2017 Gifts under £50

05 Nov Christmas 2017 Gifts under £50

Christmas is a magical time of the year when you can spoil loved ones and let them know how special they are to you. Whether you are looking for gifts for partners, children, friends or family, the Luxgifts Christmas Gift Guide will give you all the inspiration you need to help you find that extra special gift.

On behalf of the Luxgifts team I would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2018.

VonShef 9pc Copper Parisian Cocktail Set

vonshef parisian cocktail set
The VonShef Parisian Cocktail Set allows you to be your own bartender in the comfort of your own home. It is perfect to use to make your own cocktails to share with friends and family over the festive period or is an extra special gift to put under the tree this year.

This cocktail set includes a modern 550ml capacity Parisian Cocktail Shaker that features a strong stainless steel body with a chic copper coating. A stainless steel muddler for effortlessly crushing hard ingredients is also included in the set, as well as a stainless steel bar spoon/fork. This 2 in 1 twisted design features a stirring spoon at one end and a handy fork for removing unwanted garnishes at the other. The stainless steel Hawthorne strainer is also included and can be used for straining away unwanted ice. The 25ml and 50ml shot measuring jigger in the set allows you to accurately follow the cocktail recipes included in the starter recipe booklet that is also included in the set.

The VonShef Parisian Cocktail set is a gorgeous set that will allow you to make your own delicious cocktails. The accessories included in the set are presented in a lovely gift box and have a stunning chic copper coating. The RRP is £29.99 and it is available from



Mealkitt is a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to shape up in 2018. It is a unique portion control gadget that helps users gain, maintain or lose weight. Mealkitt was developed by a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor and follows the NHS calorie guidelines.

The Mealkitt is great for accommodating different diet types as you simply move the scoops to increase or decrease your portion size in each of the main food groups. Whatever your goal is, whether you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or put on weight, the Mealkitt lets you know the portion sizes you need to be having.

This innovative kitchen essential is divided into 6 compartments. Each compartment is designated to each of the main food groups including proteins, liquid proteins, fats, carbohydrates, dried grains, pulses, oats and oils. These compartments help you differentiate between the different food groups and control your portion sizes and daily calorie intake, whilst also ensuring you are having a balanced diet.

Each of the sections in the Mealkitt feature guide markers that allow you to measure and visualise the amount of food that is required from each dietary group. You can easily see how much you should be consuming for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Mealkitt is a brilliant gift for anyone who wants to lose weight, maintain their weight or increase their weight as it clearly shows you what portion sizes you need to be having to achieve your goal. Another great feature about this gadget is that it encourages balanced, healthy eating as you will have food from the different food groups in each meal. The RRP for the Mealkitt is £49.99. There is a special introductory price of £39.99. Visit for more details and for stockists.

Christmas with Stabilo

stabilo point 88

Stabilo have some wonderful stocking fillers that both adults and children would love to receive this Christmas.

The Stabilo Point 88 fine liner pens are a timeless classic that are loved by so many and anyone will love to receive these pens in their Christmas stocking. These pens are brilliant for underlining, colouring, taking notes and sketching and are available in 47 brilliant colours, including 6 neon shades. These pens have a 0,4mm line width and like all Stabilo products are excellent quality. The Stabilo Point 88 has a hexagonal body shape that makes it very comfortable to grip and use. You can buy the Stabilo Point 88 in singles or in packs of 5, 6, 8, 10 or more. You can also purchase the fabulous rollerset that includes 25 different colours. The RRP for Stabilo Point 88 start from £1.36.

Stabilo also has a wonderful range of gel pens, fountain pens, highlighters, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. Whatever you need pens for, Stabilo have the perfect pen for you. Their pens are of high quality and are very comfortable to use. To see the full range of pens visit

Gifts from Buff

buff headwear

Buff, a fantastic sports head and neckwear brand, have a wonderful range of stocking fillers for men, women and children. Buff’s ranges of head and neckwear will protect your loved ones from the elements this winter in both style and comfort.

The Original Buff is a multifunctional tubular accessory that is ideal for many activities. It is designed to keep you warm in the cold and is extremely comfortable to wear. The Original Buff is very versatile and can be used as a neckerchief, headband, wristband, mask, hair-band, balaclava, scarf, headband, scrunchie, beanie and bandana. The Original Buff was first made for adults but has been adapted and made into a Women’s slim fit, a Junior fit and a baby fit so the whole family can enjoy the warmth and comfort of this tubular accessory. This accessory can also be bought in different materials including Merino wool, polyester Mircofibre and Polartec Thermal Pro Fleece.

Buff not only sells the fabulous tubular accessory but also sells gorgeous woolly hats, caps, hoodies and headbands. Whatever your style, Buff have the perfect head and neckwear for you. Anyone would love to receive one of Buff’s accessories and they will be kept wonderfully warm during the cold winter months. Buff also have a range of sets available so the recipient can wear matching head and neckwear.

The Buff ranges of styles and designs will suit any personality and age and are perfect gifts this Christmas. The RRP starts from £10.00. To see the full range of accessories visit

Cotswolds Dry Gin


cotswolds dry gin

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without your favourite festive drink and Cotswolds Dry Gin is a fabulous drink to share with family and friends.

Cotswolds Dry Gin has a delectable blend of nine carefully-considered botanicals that create a rich and aromatic spirit with fresh notes of grapefruit, coriander and juniper. The highest quality botanicals are added to this drink including local Cotswolds lavender, pink grapefruit and lime zest. This wonderful beverage contains ten times the volume of botanicals than the average London dry gin and unlike many other gins, maintains purity of spirit as it is never produced from concentrate. This ensures the spirit you drink is the same spirit distilled in the beautiful copper pot stills.

The Cotswolds Dry Gin tastes delicious and will definitely be a favourite this Christmas. This gin can be enjoyed with your favourite tonic water and a slice of cucumber for a refreshing beverage during the festive season.

The RRP is £34.95 and is available from Amazon.

anCnoc Single Malt Whisky


anCnoc Single Malt Whisky is a fabulous drink to enjoy this festive season. The anCnoc’s 12 year old from the Core Collection is a must-have in any whisky drinkers’ collection. The 12 year old is soft and aromatic on the nose and has hints of anCnoc’s signature flavour noted of honey and lemon. This results in a long, smooth finish. The gentle amber colouring of the 12 year old comes from its maturation in American oak ex-bourbon and ex-oloroso casks.

The anCnoc 12 year old is the perfect whisky to share with friends and family or is the ideal gift for a whisky lover. Its smooth, delicious taste will be thoroughly enjoyed during the Christmas period.

The RRP is £34.00 and it is available from

Christmas with Guylian

Guylian christmas 17

Everyone has a friend or family member who loves chocolate so they will adore a gift from Guylian this Christmas.

The Guylian praline Sea Shells are a classic and will be loved by all. They are made only using the finest, hand selected Mediterranean hazelnuts, which are roasted and caramelised to perfection before they are blended with premium Belgian chocolate. The RRP for a 135g box is £6.75.

Another fabulous box of chocolates perfect for sharing with friends and family is the Guylian Temptations box. These beautifully wrapped Sea Horse shaped Belgian choclates are filled with Guylian’s newest flavour, latte macchiato, as well as favourites; original hazelnut praline, soft caramel and crunchy biscuit. The RRP is £10.00 for a 522g pouch.

Guylian chocolates are available from all major supermarkets and selected independent stores nationwide. To see the full range of delicious Guylian chocolates visit



Jewellery is a wonderful gift to give loved ones at Christmas and Magnetix offer elegant designs that will also improve health and inner harmony. Magnetix uses strong magnets in the jewellery which research has shown, can improve overall wellbeing as well as treat a number of conditions such as arthritis, migraines and menstrual pain.

Magnetix have a lovely range of jewellery that include magnets and therefore can help improve the wearers overall wellbeing. Their Chequered Creole Earrings are a perfect pair of earrings for Christmas. These earrings have a simple and classic design and are perfect for any occasion. When worn, the powerful magnets come into direct contact with your earlobes and provide great wearing comfort. The RRP is £28.99.

The Bracelet Infinity is also another gorgeous piece of jewellery that anyone would love to receive this Christmas. This bracelet is made from stainless steel and includes 2 magnets. This wonderful bracelet links the infinity symbols together which creates an elegant bracelet that will compliment any outfit for any occasion.  Two sizes are available; M-L (17.3-18.5cm) and XL (20cm). The RRP is £71.00.

Magnetix also have a beautiful range of necklaces that will be adored by anyone this festive season. Their Stainless Steel Link Choker is a wonderful fusion of noble designs with easy to clean high-grade steel. This classic luxury choker radiates elegance and happiness. The RRP is £60.00.

If you are looking to buy a piece of jewellery for a loved one this Christmas, Magnetix is well worth a look. Their range of jewellery looks stunning and also, brilliantly includes magnets to help improve the wearers overall wellbeing.

Trav O Safe PowerBank

trav o safe

A brilliant stocking filler this Christmas is the Trav O Safe Powerbank. This powerbank offers a convenient, reliable and powerful charging device that is safe for air travel.

The Trav O Safe PowerBank is ideal for keen travellers as it is a perfect back-up power source to recharge mobile devices whilst travelling. This powerbank also conforms to the latest airline safety standards for carry-on and check-in baggage.

This wonderful device delivers superior protection from over-heating, over-charging and short circuits. Trav O Safe delivers a powerful charge for your devices so you will not have to worry about your smartphone or USB devices running out of charge when you are out and about on your travels.

The Trav O Safe carries 1.5 full charges for a smartphone and has 5 hours of recharging time. This PowerBank is the ideal gift for anyone who loves to travel. The RRP is £24.98.

Beam Flashlights by GPDesign

beam flashlight

The Beam collection of flashlights by GPDesign are perfect gifts for the serious outdoor enthusiast and professional user. These fabulous torches are meticulously crafted for easy handling and robust performance. They also feature a rugged ergonomic design and a high quality finish.

The Beam torches feature a lumen range of 100 to 1000, high quality CREE LEDs and aircraft grade aluminium, making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts. There are eight models in the range so you will find the perfect torch for any recipient.

There are two rechargeable torches available in the Beam collection; the Multi-purpose and the PR57. These two models can be paired with the GP range of portable PowerBanks so you can ensure these torches are always charged and ready to use. Other great features of these rechargeable torches include 3 brightness levels plus a strobe to suit different applications and needs and a one handed operation system.

Other fabulous torches in the collection include the Every Day Carry P15 which has a robust and tough design that is simple and easy to operate. The Task P36 Durable torch is also easy to use and has a slim design which fits easily in a pocket or a toolbox.  The Multi-purpose P53 Tough torch has a rugged design that can be used for both outdoor use and all daily activities.

All the Beam flashlights are of a superior standard and would be the perfect addition under the Christmas tree this year. The RRP starts from £24.99.



The Nutritab is the ideal gift this Christmas for anyone who watches what they eat and for anyone who wants to know how many calories they are consuming.

The Nutritab is a connected, nutritional kitchen scale which enables the user to clearly and precisely monitor their daily energy intake; calories and the five main Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) – proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibre and sodium. This smart scale is linked to the Wellness Coach mobile application and calculates the nutritional value of every food item that is weighed. It also has a scan function that, in combination with the community database, allows the user to scan barcodes of more than 40 000 foods and display the energy values of those meals. This means users can easily track their amount of energy intake from both fresh ingredients and ready-made meals.

The Nutritab is very simple to use and is brilliant for anyone who wants to monitor how much their daily energy intake is. It is especially good for anyone wanting to lose weight as it helps them both monitor and reduce their energy intake. The Wellness Coach app is also very simple to use and will clearly give the user all the nutritional information of the food weighed.

The Nutritab is a very stylish smart kitchen scale that is available in either black or white. It has a larger glass platform that allows you to weigh big pieces of food and it also has a big LCD screen that clearly displays the weight before displaying it on the Wellness Coach app.

The Nutritab is a brilliant gift this Christmas and the benefits of this gift can be felt throughout the year. The RRP is £49.99 and it is available from

Action Earphone from Groov-e

groov-e action earphones

The Action Earphones from Groov-e are the perfect Christmas gift for fitness lovers. These fabulous earphones are help in position around your neck with a bright LED neckband. This bright neckband is designed to make you stand out and be seen, which is a great feature for runners at night.

During the winter months, the days are much shorter and the evenings get dark very quickly. The Action Earphones’ bright neckband improves the safety of runners at night as when they wear these earphones they can be seen in the dark. This LED neckband has four settings available; solid glow, slow-flash, fast-flash or off.

The Action Earphones also include Bluetooth wireless audio playback, up to 8 hours of music playback or talk-time and a built-in mic for hands-free calling. These earphones are also designed for ultimate sports comfort and the buds are sweat-proof and lock into place, giving the wearer a premium sound, clear bass and crisp highs.

The Action Earphones are the ideal gift for fitness lovers as they not only provide a superior sound but help the wearer feel safe as the LED neckband will help them be seen in the dark.

These headphones are available in 3 colours; red, green and blue so you can choose the perfect colour for the wearer. The RRP for the Earphones is £44.99 and they are available from, Tesco and Argos.

K’Nex Power and Play Motorized 50 Model Building Set

power and play

K’Nex have some fantastic gifts that children will love to see under the Christmas tree this year. One amazing set is the K’Nex Power and Play Motorized 50 Model Building Set.

This awesome set includes 530 pieces, including a motor that children can use to bring their creations to life. The set also includes 50 building ideas that children can try, or they can use their imaginations to make their own wonderful creations. All the parts in the set can be joined in endless configurations, allowing children to experiment and build many different models.

One great feature about this set is that it allows children to develop their creativity and design skills as they will immerse themselves in real life activities, developing their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) concepts. Children will enjoy hours of fun and learning using this wonderful set.

The K’Nex Power and Play Motorized 50 Model Building Set is suitable for children aged 7+. The RRP is £49.99.

Rock and Ruddle

rock and ruddle christmas
Rock and Ruddle have some wonderful luxury children’s gifts that are perfect stocking fillers this Christmas.

Rock and Ruddle design beautiful hairbrushes that will be adored this festive season. To choose the perfect brush for little ones under 2 years old, for children or for adults, you first need to choose from three bristle types. The natural bristle and nylon tips are great for all hair types and for detangling thick hair. The pure natural bristles with no nylon tip are for those with less thick hair or sensitive scalps. These are also great for small children. The very soft bristle type is ideal for under 2s and is only available in the small size brush.

Once you have chosen the bristle type you want you can then choose the design and size of the brush you would like. Rock and Ruddle have a wonderful range of designs so you can find the perfect design and style for the recipient.

Children will love the character designs that include fairies, trucks, ballerinas, ponies and dinosaurs. The rabbits and ducks designs are also perfect for babies and young children and are ideal keepsakes.

There is also a wonderful metallic range of brushes. This is a glamorous classic take on Rock and Ruddle’s classic natural bristle hairbrushes. You can choose from a stunning silver, a beautiful rose gold, a gorgeous gold or an iridescent green and purple shimmer.

Brushes can also be personalised with the recipient’s name to make the gift that little bit extra special. To see the full range of brushes visit Brushes start from £20.00.

Gifts from Pentel

pentel dual hybrid metallic pens
Stationery brand, Pentel has some brilliant stocking fillers that are not only practical but will also allow users to explore their creative sides.

The new EnerGel range is the latest development in gel ink technology, with its revolutionary quick-drying, no smudge formula. This quick drying feature is brilliant when signing contracts or working on important documents. It is also ideal for left handed writers. The EnerGel ranges of pens are available in permanent pens, retractable pens and in a range called EnerGel Plus which has a chunky design and a comfortable rubber finger grip. The RRP starts from £2.15.

Another fabulous range of pens is the Hybrid Dual Metallic pens. These innovative new gel roller pens produce two tones- one shade on light coloured paper and a variation on darker paper. There are 8 colours available, which equals to 16 different shades. They also have a gorgeous sparkling effect which will be loved by anyone who adores a bit of glitter and sparkle. These pens are perfect for drawings, cards, designs, adult colouring and beautiful illustrations. The RRP of an eight piece wallet of Hybrid Dual Metallic pens is £19.92.

Pentel also have a wonderful range of other stationery including art materials and a gift collection. To see the full range visit

Christmas Indulgence with Lavolio

lavolioThe luxurious range of handmade gifts from boutique Italian Confectioner, Lavolio is the perfect way to treat your family and friends this Christmas. Lavolio’s sweet treats are that little bit extra special as they are handmade by artisanal Italian confectioners using traditional methods and all-natural ingredients.he Lavolio Nutty Forest gift is a wonderful selection of nutty and chocolaty treats. Toasted almonds, pistachios and hazelnuts with chocolate are encased in a delicious crisp, sugar shell. These delectable treats are presented in a lovely pink tin and are a wonderful way to show someone just how much they mean to you. The RRP is £12.50.

Another wonderful gift is the Decadent Spiced tin. This Lavolio signature collection dares to pair nuts and fruit with the finest spices. Real pieces of fruit, nuts and jellies are wrapped in chocolate and spices. These treats are also presented in a gorgeous tin and the RRP is £12.50.

The Lavolio Marrons Glacés is another wonderful gift for the festive season. This collection of nine giant caramelised chestnuts from Montemarano, are known for their dense, sweet, white flesh and their fragrant aroma. They offer a dairy-free and natural alternative to fudge. They are deliciously buttery, sweet and melt in the mouth. These giant chestnuts are also beautifully wrapped in a gold foil to preserve their freshness. The RRP is £22.50.

Lavolio also has a wonderful Prosecco Willow Hamper available that allows the recipient to try all of Lavolio’s 30 flavours accompanied with a bottle of Prosecco.The hamper includes 5 miniature tin and one bottle of refreshing Prosecco Extra Dry. The RRP for this lovely gift is £60.00.

Lavolio has a lovely range of delectable treats for the festive season. To see the full range and for stockists, visit

Yankee Candle ‘The Perfect Christmas’ range

yankee candle christmas 2017

This Christmas, Yankee Candle have a gorgeous new festive fragrance collection called ‘The Perfect Christmas’. There are four fabulous fragrances in this range that will fill your home with beautiful scents that are perfect for the festive season.

The four new fragrances are; The Perfect Tree, Spiced White Cocoa, Christmas Magic and Crackling Woodfire.

The Perfect Tree scent replicates that unique Alpine smell and is a fragrance that captures the scent of your perfect tree. It is the ideal fragrance if you do not have a real Christmas tree in your home but adore the balsam and fir scents of a real tree.

The Spiced White Cocoa fragrance delivers a sweet treat of indulgent cocoa topped with whipped cream and a hint of nutmeg into your home. This warm, spicy and comforting fragrance will be adored by sweet lovers.

The Christmas Magic scent is a combination of the classic Christmas scents, balsam and pine, with hints of birch and eucalyptus. This combination creates a magical, festive fragrance throughout your home. This fragrance will definitely add a special something to your home this Christmas.

One of the best things about Christmas is the warmth of the log fire and the wonderful scents it brings. The Crackling Woodfire candle has hints of cedarwood kindled with nutmeg and warm amber that will make your home feel so cosy and welcoming this Christmas and make you feel you have a real log fire in your own home.

The Perfect Christmas range from Yankee Candle is the perfect addition to your home this Christmas. Each of the new Christmas fragrances are available in all of the Yankee Candle’s six classic candles, including Large, Medium and Small Jar candles, Tea Lights, Votive Candles and Wax Melts. To see the full range visit

Durham Gin

If you are looking for a wonderful gin this festive season, Durham Distillery make an amazing handmade gin.

Durham Gin is made to a unique recipe of botanicals including juniper, celery seed and pink peppercorns. The spicy pink peppercorns create a warm spicy top note and the celery seeds add a distinctive savoury character to the drink. The sweetness in the gin comes from the sweetness of the elderflower. The combination of sweetness, spice and a savoury character make this gin delicious and will be thoroughly enjoyed by gin lovers.

Durham Gin is available in  70cl, 20cl and 5cl bottles and comes in a lovely packaging. The clear bottle shows off the gin perfectly and the vibrant purple and pink colours make Durham Gin stand out from the crowd.

Durham Gin is the perfect festive drink this Christmas to share with both friends and family. The RRP for the 70cl bottle is £27.50 and the RRP for the 20cl bottle is £10.00. Durham Gin is available from

Christmas with Walkers Shortbread

walkers shortbread

Celebrate the festive season with the brand new range of Walkers Shortbread novelty tins. These tantalising seasonal classics are made using only the finest ingredients and contain no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.  They will be enjoyed by both friends and family and are a great treat to share this Christmas.

The New Mini Shortbread Christmas Trees 3D carton is perfect for popping in any Christmas stocking. They are a delicious mini festive treat and the pure butter Shortbread Christmas Trees come in a fabulous Christmas Tree box. The RRP is £2.65.

Another gorgeous treat is the Wobbly Rockin’ Robin Tin. This wonderful tin contains 36 iconic pure butter Walkers Shortbread Mini Shortbread stars. This is a tasty treat that is sure to delight little ones this Christmas.  The RRP is £8.40.

The New Musical Tin is also perfect for the festive season. This tin contains 56 delectable Mini Shortbread Rounds and the tin will play a tune once the base is twisted. This musical tin is a wonderful way to spread Christmas cheer this year. The RRP is £13.50.

As well as a selection of fabulous novelty tins, Walkers Shortbread also has a delicious range of mince pies and tarts that are perfect for indulging in this Christmas.

The full range of Walkers Shortbread is available from

The London Sock Company

london sock company

The London Sock Company has a wonderful range of luxury gift items that any man will love.

The Luxury Cashmere Set is a gorgeous gift to find in the Christmas stocking this year. These socks are delicately knitted from the softest, finest Cashmere in England and are presented in bespoke gift boxes. The classic ribbed style meets modern luxury and these socks are the ultimate treat for any man’s feet. These socks are available in various colours so you can find the perfect colour for the recipient.

Another fabulous gift from the London Sock Company is the ‘Hot City’ Luxury Silk Socks. These ‘Hot City’ socks are extremely comfortable and are made from a luxury silk blend. They are also designed especially for the London Sock Company, by Rosemary Goodenough, a renowned artist, sculptor and designer. There are three colour options available so you can choose the perfect colour for your gift.

The London Sock Company has a fabulous range of socks and styles to choose from and also have a gorgeous unique collection from supermodel, David Gandy. But if you are finding it difficult choosing just one pair of socks for the recipient this Christmas then the London Sock Company also has a Sock Club Gift Subscription. This provides the ultimate convenience of new stylish socks being delivered to the recipients’ door each month. This subscription also gives the recipient the ability to choose his own styles, so if you have found it difficult to choose just one style of sock, the recipient can choose their own styles. This subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. The subscription is available to buy in 3, 6 or 12-month memberships, with the choice of 1, 2 or 3 pairs delivered each month. This subscription starts from £30.00.

Gifts from the London Sock Company is a wonderful way to show a loved one how much they mean to you. To see all the collections visit

Braun Series 3

series 3 300sThe Braun Series 3 rechargeable electric foil shaver is a brilliant Christmas gift for any man who wants to experience faster shaving with greater skin comfort. The Series 3 shaver has 3 pressure-sensitive shaving elements that adapt to every facial contour, helping to create a smooth, close shaving experience.

This fabulous shaver also features two rows of fine, evenly spaced grooves that surround an independently moving middle trimmer. This catches more hair with every stroke, giving a faster shave.  These twin foils and the integrated middle trimmer also shave progressively closer as they effectively cut both long and short hairs with every stroke.

The Braun Series 3 also provides secure handling as it has an ergonomic grip with the iconic Braun rubber dot pattern. This secure grip means it is easy to handle the shaver even in wet bathroom conditions or when you rinse your shaver under running water.

This shaver uses rechargeable batteries and a full charge in 1 hour allows for 45 minutes of shaving time.  If you are in a rush a 5 minute quick charge is brilliantly enough for one shave.  There is also a LED display that shows the battery status.

The Braun Series 3 is a great gift for men this Christmas. The RRP for the Braun Series 3 3000s model is £39.99. Visit for stockists.

Baking gifts from Terrallion

terallion rolling pinPremium baking gifts from Terrallion are the perfect Christmas gifts for budding bakers. Terrallion’s Premium range of stylish and space saving baking accessories are a fantastic addition under the Christmas tree this year.

The Rolling Pin and Pastry Mat set is the ideal gift for anyone who loves baking.  This space saving rolling pin has a silicone pastry mat conveniently stored within the rolling pin.  The rolling pin also features removable rings that allow you to adjust the thickness of your dough.  The pastry mat is ideal for both preparing and baking as it is heat resistant up to 220°C, so you can prepare your bake on the mat and then transfer the whole thing to the oven to cook. This wonderful kit includes a non-stick silicone dough cutting and cooking mat, a high-quality stainless steel rolling pin and 3 sets of rings (4mm/6mm/8mm).  The RRP for this fabulous kit is £39.99

Other products in the Premium range from Terrallion include a Storage box set, which includes 1 stainless steel pot, a detachable silicon base, a stainless steel whisk and a silicone spatula. The RRP for this set is £29.99. The Multifunctional Bowl kit is also another fabulous gift. This kit includes a stainless steel 3 litre capacity bowl with pouring spout, a 0.5L silicone bowl, an anti-spray/anti-slip cover for the stainless steel bowl, a yolk and white egg separator and a transparent cover.  The RRP is £39.99.

The Premium baking gifts from Terrallion are fabulous gifts to give this Christmas. Visit for stockists.

Ombra Di Pantera

ODP proseccoOmbra Di Pantera is a wonderful Prosecco that can be shared with friends and family this festive season.  It is crafted from the finest Glera grapes from the delicately cultivated Coneglian vineyard and embodies the seductive elegance of Italian luxury.  Ombra Di Pantera is the perfect accompaniment to any celebration.

This finest Prosecco has an intense, very fine and fruity bouquet with a distinct aroma of golden apples against a floral background. It is dry, fresh and light in the mouth, is soft and well-balanced with good aromatic length. It also has a memorable fruit finish and will be adored by Prosecco lovers.

Enjoying Ombra Di Pantera with friends and family is the perfect way to celebrate Christmas and to ring in the New Year.  Its wonderful taste embodies the seductive style and understated elegance of Italian luxury and tastes absolutely divine.

Ombra Di Pantera is available at some of London’s most high-end venues including Caviar & Prunier, Noviko and Jak’s. The RRP is £24.99 per bottle and it is available from

A Divine Christmas

Divine Chocolate -Divine chocolates are shareable Fairtrade gifts that can be enjoyed with friends and family this Christmas season. The delicious new range of festive chocolate gifts, bars and treats are perfect stocking fillers and will delight anyone who finds them under the Christmas tree.

Divine Chocolate only uses the highest quality, Fairtrade certified ingredients which are carefully sourced from growing communities around the world, including sugar grown by Fairtrade cooperatives in Malawi and vanilla from Madagascar.

Included in their new festive treats are the Divine Gift Bars. These grown up flavours and sophisticated packaging make these bars perfect delicious stocking fillers. You can choose from creamy Milk and White Chocolate swirled with Toffee Pieces or wonderfully warming 70% Dark Chocolate with Chilli and Toffee Pieces. The RRP for these bars is £3.50.

The Limited Edition Flavours are another way to get into the Christmas spirit. The crumbly, Christmas spiced Milk Chocolate with Spiced Cookies is amazing. As is the classic yuletide flavours of Dark Chocolate with Cranberries and Hazelnuts. The RRP is £2.40.

The new Divine Chocolate Black Cherries, Brazil Nuts and Almonds bagged gifts are the perfect Christmas treat. These extra special bags are great stocking fillers, gifts for teachers or to enjoy with coffee after dinner. You can choose from 70% Dark Chocolate with Caramelised Almonds, 70% Dark Chocolate with Black Cherries or Milk and Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts. The RRP is £5.00.

Divine chocolates are a wonderful festive treat and are perfect for sharing.

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon

Marks and Spencer

four roses bourbonIdeal for Christmas festivities is the Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon. Four unique bourbon recipes are used when producing this small batch bourbon from Four Roses, one of Kentucky’s most famous distilleries.

This bourbon has rich, spicy flavours along with sweet, fruity aromas and hints of sweet oak and caramel. The palette is creamy, ending with a well-balanced moderately sweet finish.

You can enjoy this bourbon neat, over ice or in a classic cocktail, such as the ‘Old Fashioned’.  The ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail includes 25ml or 50ml of Four Roses Small Batch, 2 dashes of Angostura bitter, 1 sugar cube and a few dashes of water.  To make this cocktail you simply place the sugar cube in the glass and saturate with the bitters. Then add a dash of water. Mix this until it has dissolved and fill the glass with ice cubes and add the Four Roses. Then garnish with an orange slice and a cocktail cherry.

This wonderful bourbon is the perfect drink to share with friends and family this Christmas. The RRP is £27.00 and it is available from Marks and Spencer.

Try me Kits from Harley Street Clinic

Harley Street- Try MeThe perfect gift for someone who wants smooth, clear, firmer skin are the Try Me Kits from Harley Street Clinic.

For Christmas, the renowned Harley Street Clinic is offering Try Me Kits on its three main ranges of patented skin care formulations. Each Try Me Kit contains three or four products that are available at fantastic prices.

The Clean Skin Technology kit comprises of exfoliating cleanser, renewal lotion, pore minimising masks and oil free moisturiser. Clean Skin Technology is an advanced skincare therapy that is specially formulated to treat and control acne and oily skin conditions. The RRP for this kit is £45.00.

Another fabulous kit contains eye serum, a generous sample of the award-winning miracle serum, restorative hydro cleanser and restorative hydro moisturiser. This kit includes the secret weapon for ageless beauty; Stemcellutions Restorative Skincare. This is packed with powerful anti-aging ingredients including peptides, pentapeptides, anti-oxidants and fruit stem cells. The RRP for this red kit is £60.00.

The last kit is the essential 24/7 Daily Maintenacne system. This is a shared unisex brand that fights the first signs of aging by targeting each and every layer of your skin.

In addition to these three core ranges there are numerous options and combinations designed to treat every possible requirement. The grey kit retails for £45.00 and comprises a daily cleanser, firming serum, any time moisture surge and regenerating body moisture.

The Try Me kits from Harley Street Clinic are wonderful gifts for Christmas and anyone would love to receive these fabulous kits this festive season.

Christmas with Noble Isle

bountiful fiveNoble Isle have some gorgeous Christmas sets that will make anyone feel pampered and adored.  One lovely gift set is the Bountiful Five gift set. This is the perfect gift if you are not sure what fragrance to purchase for that special person in your life. This gift set is filled with five 75ml bottles of wonderfully scented Noble Isle Bath & Shower Gels. This set contains 75ml Fireside Bath & Shower Gel, 75ml Willow Song Bath & Shower Gel, 75ml Summer Rising Bath & Shower Gel, 75ml Rhubard Rhubard! Bath & Shower Gel and the new 75ml Golden Harvest Bath & Shower Gel. These fragrances are gorgeous and make your skin feel wonderfully smooth and refreshed. The RRP for the Bountiful Five set is £20.00.

Another lovely gift set is the Shrouds of Splendid Rhubarb. This gorgeous set includes a Rhubarb Rhubarb! Candle and Snuffer and a Rhubarb Rhubarb! Reed Diffuser.  This gift set is the epitome of luxury and creates a comforting, welcoming feel to your home. The Rhubarb Rhubard! fragrance combines bittersweet  rhubarb, juniper berry and muddled rosemary.  The RRP is £60.00.

The Conisness Encased gift set is a wonderful set to awaken the senses. This set contains Fireside Bath & Shower Gel which has a subtle blend of woody and sweet fragrances, and Whisky & Water Bath & Shower Gel which has a mature and evocative scent.  The RRP is £32.00.

The gift sets from Noble Isle will make anyone feel loved and adored this Christmas. To see the full range visit

So Me Beauty & Wellness Brow Collection

so me brow kitThe perfect gift for that person who wants sculpted, stunning eyebrows is the So Me Brow Collection. Following the success of the So Me Beauty & Wellness Clapham based salons and Brow and Lash bars at Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores, So Me has introduced its impressive line of brow products. These fantastic products allow you to create picture perfect, gorgeous brows using professional standard products.

The Brow Shaping Kit is a wonderful gift that allows you to sculpt, shape and fill your brows. It features two powder shades to define and highlight, brushes and stencils for super easy application. It is available in 3 shades; mocha, caramel and espresso, so everyone can achieve beautiful brows. The RRP for this kit is £24.00.

The So Me Brow Pencil is a great stocking filler that makes filling and shaping your brows very simple to do. The So Me Brow Pencil is available in Smokey Quarts (Black), Onyx (Blue) Sapphire (brown) and Emerald (green). And the RRP is £8.95.  A Brow Spooley, Brow groomer and 2 in 1 Brow Brush is also available in this range.  Each of these amazing gifts retail for £6.95 and are perfect for stocking fillers.

The entire range of So Me brow products are wonderful gifts to give this Christmas and can be purchased from and in Superdrug and Sainsbury’s stores.

Spanx Spotlight on Lace collection

Spotlight on Lace Bralette,This Christmas give the lady in your life a wonderful gift from Spanx. The Spanx Spotlight on Lace collection looks gorgeous and will leave the women in your life looking and feeling both stylish and confident.

The Spotlight on Lace collection includes a gorgeous bralette that has a built-in sling that offers comfortable support and great shape. This bralette can be worn underneath as your everyday bra or can be worn peeking out of a low cut tank or tee. This bralette looks stunning on and is not only extremely comfortable but will make you feel confident and beautiful.   This bralette gives you a great shape as it uses flexible lace and an inner sling support rather than underwire. This flexible lace also gives this bralette a comfortable fit. This bralette is available in 5 colours; white, very black, vintage rose, classic grey and red pop.  It is also available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. The RRP is £42.00.

Another fabulous piece from the Spolight on Lace collection is the High-Waisted Brief.  These are designed with graduated mesh that targets the tummy. This must have brief is lingerie that offers you the softest, lightest shaping possible.  The targeted tummy-shaping panel provides a flawless finish and the pretty flexible lace moves with you creating a comfortable fit. The soft, comfort waistband also does not dig into you or roll.  This brief is available in 5 colours; white, very black, vintage rose, classic grey and red pop.  It is also available in sizes XS, S, M, L and XL. The RRP is £36.00.

The Spotlight on Lace collection is a gorgeous collection from Spanx that any woman in your life would love to find in her Christmas stocking this year. To see the full collection visit

Powerbands Set MAX

powerbands set maxThe perfect Christmas gift for fitness enthusiasts is the Powerbands Set MAX. This fabulous set enables you to train anywhere at any time, and has been called ‘the smallest gym in the world’.

The Powerbands resistant bands are an effective, versatile and travel-size training tool that increases strength and stability whilst burning fat and toning lean muscle. These bands are simple to use and are easy to carry around with you when you are on the move.

Powerbands can replace free weights and can intensify bodyweight exercises. They also complement machine routines and help you add a variety of ways to target specific muscle groups. These bands have adjustable tension which minimises joint stress while also maximising the impact on the targeted muscle groups.

The Powerbands Set MAX includes all three Powerbands MINI. These bands each have a varying degree of dynamic tension and are in three different colours. The Powerbands MAX Black is also included in this set, as well as access to the online training platform. The online training section brilliantly guides you through warm-ups, strength training, muscle development, stabilization, endurance training and stretching.

This fantastic set is perfect for anyone who loves working out as it allows you to workout anywhere and at any time.  The Powerbands are effective, versatile, affordable and portable. The RRP for Powerbands Set MAX is £36.50. To see the full range of Powerbands visit

Tile Style

tile styleThis tracker is a perfect Christmas gift for the style savvy woman in your life. This Bluetooth tracker keeps track of all your most precious belongings such as your purse, bag and keys.

The Tile Style is easy to use as you can simply locate your item via the Tile app on select iOS or Android phones.  You can also use your Tile to find your phone. You can locate the missing item by sound; ring your tile from the app or double press your Tile to ring your phone – even if it is on silent. The app also always shows the last time and place it saw your Tile. Simply open the app to view the map.

The Tile Style looks very stylish. It is white satin with a subtly-ridged texture, framed with a champagne gold ring, making it the perfect accessory to attach to valuable items.  It also has a powerful range that reaches up to 200 feet.

The Tile Style is wonderful stocking filler this Christmas. The RRP is £30.00 and is available from, John Lewis and Amazon.

Christmas with Tesco


tesco drinksTesco has everything you need to celebrate this Christmas, from wines produced on family-run vineyards to desserts with hidden surprises and party food inspired by trends across the globe.

The Tesco Finest Bottle Aged Negroni and Tesco Finest Bottle Aged Espresso Martini Cocktail are a perfect way to celebrate during this festive season.  Developed by Tesco Mixologists, the finest* bottle aged cocktails are mixed from top quality ingredients and are ready to shake or pour straight from the bottle. They are gorgeous served over ice and will impress your guests this Christmas. The Negroni, characterised by gin aromatics, is a bitter-sweet Italian classic and the perfect aperitif. The Tesco finest* Espresso Martini is a beautiful ,sophisticated after dinner drink and will complete your dinner occasion.  The RRP for both bottles is £15.00 for 75cl.

Tesco also have a wonderful range of party food that are perfect to share with family and friends. Their range of party food includes Tesco finest* Sashimi Style Sliced Smoked Salmon, Tesco finest* 8 Mini Crayfish Cocktails and Tesco finest* 9 Goats Cheese & Red Onion Tartlets.

To see the full range of festive drinks and food from Tesco visit

Zhu Boxers

Zhu boxersZhu Boxers are a great addition to Christmas stockings this year. These boxers are not just another pair of underwear, as they are extremely comfortable to wear and have a horizontal fly that is an original, more hygienic and aesthetic alternative to the traditional vertical opening.

Zhu Boxers are also made from bamboo fibre making them extremely soft and breathable. Bamboo has a unique antimicrobial bio-agent that also makes these shorts antibacterial and odour resistant. In addition to this, because of its sustainable manufacturing, bamboo fibre is a better alternative to conventionally grown cotton, which uses more than 10% of the world’s pesticides and a quarter of the world’s insecticides. By wearing these boxers you will not only feel comfortable and cool but you will also be helping the environment.

Any man will love to receive these boxers as a gift this Christmas. The RRP is £20.00 for one pair.

Braun Oral B


oral b frozenBraun Oral B have a wonderful range of children’s electric toothbrushes that will encourage children to look after their teeth and help them to develop healthy habits.

The Oral-B Star Wars electric toothbrush is the perfect gift for Star Wars fans. The toothbrush moves with an oscillating-rotating action helping to produce an advanced clean.  The Star Wars theme helps children have fun whilst getting the most from their oral-care routine.  It is also compatible with the Disney Magic Timer App, which helps children brush for the dentist recommended 2 minutes and helps them learn good oral care habits that will last them their whole life.

The Oral-B Frozen Electric Toothbrush is also available in this range, so children can make brushing magical this Christmas and bring their favourite Disney Characters to life. The RRP for the Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush is £34.99 and it is available from Boots.

TrackR Pixel

trackR christmasThe TrackR Pixel is a brilliant stocking filler for Christmas. The TrackR Pixel is the TrackR’s smallest, lightest and brightest Bluetooth tracker.  This tracker is fantastic for tracking things that are lost. The TrackR Pixel is very easy to use. You simply download the app, attach the tracker to anything you want to track and then use the app to find the location of your belongings.  By using this tracker you will be able to find your lost belongings  in no time at all.

The TrackR Pixel has a loud ringer so it can ring loudly so you can hear where your things are hiding. It also has LED lights, so as well as ringing, the tracker will also light up.

This tracker is coin sized and is perfect for attaching to your belongings as it is not too big and bulky.  It is also available in 8 different colours so you can choose the perfect colour to suit your style.

The TrackR Pixel is available from and the RRP is £24.99. The TrackR Bravo is also available from this website and this is a slightly bigger version of the Track R Pixel but is just as useful.

Glen Scotia single malt Scotch Whiskies

Glen Scotia GiftpackGlen Scotia have a wonderful selection of single malt Scotch whiskies that whisky lovers will adore this Christmas.

The Glen Scotia Gift Pack is a lovely gift to find under the Christmas tree this year. This gift pack includes miniature bottles of Glen Scotia Double Cask, Glen Scotia 15 Year Old and Glen Scotia Victoriana.  This set provides flavours of fresh citrus, vanilla bean and musky oak.  The RRP is £19.99.

Another fabulous gift is the Glen Scotia Double Cask. This is a classic malt representing a pedigree of whisky-making since 1832. The whisky is matured in first-fill bourbon barrels before being finished in Pedro-Ximenez sherry casks, providing the perfect balance of spicy fruits, characteristic sea spray and vanilla oak. One of the sweetest Glen Scotia expressions, on the nose, you will detect crème caramel, caramelised fruit sugars, toffee and fudge before scents of apple and peach come through. The RRP is £36.99.

The Glen Scotia 18 Year Old is an exceptional single malt that was finished in Olorosso sherry casks, with hints of vanilla oak interwoven with subtle notes of sea spray and spicy aromatic fruits. This single malt imparts rich deep vanilla fruit flavours, with mild hints of apricot, pineapple and plump sultana. It is the perfect drink for a cold winter’s evening as its finish is long and dry, with gentle warming spice. The RRP is £84.95.

The Glen Scotia 25 Year Old is the oldest single malt in the collection and is presented in a stunning oak case making it an extra special gift this Christmas. This whisky has hints of the salty sea breeze, tangy orange and juicy red apples mixed with caramel sweetness.  The RRP for the 25 Year Old is £275.00.

The Glen Scotia whiskies are a wonderful addition to Christmas this year. For more information visit

Spa Find

Spa findThis Christmas treat a loved one with the wonderful range of products from Spa Find. Spa Find products contain a unique blend of natural sea minerals and organic plant extracts that treat the skin and deliver outstanding results. The active mineral ingredients work to re-mineralise your skin and promote a healthy balance of body and mind, leaving you with a festive glow inside and out.

Spa Find have a lovely range of gift sets that are perfect gifts this festive season. The Spa Find “Sparkle” Body Collection is the ideal gift for a loved one. This gift set includes five top selling Spa Find Heavenly Hydration products. The ranges offers incredible mineral skin care, specifically formulated and selected to help alleviate dry skin and maintain skin’s hydration. This incredible collection contains; Spa Find Mineralising Bath Shower Gel (400ml), Spa Find Mineralizing Body Lotion (400ml), Spa Find Dead Sea Salts (1kg), Spa Find Mineralizing Hand Care Cream (100ml) and Spa Find Mineralizing Foot Cream (100ml). The RRP is £35.00.

Other fabulous gift sets include the Spa Find “Shimmer” Body Collection, the Spa Find “Glow Facial” Collection and the Spa Find “Illuminate Facial” Collection. These sets all feature wonderful products from Spa Find. So whether you are looking for products that cleanse and tone the face, or products that will bring balance and stability to oil-prone or congested skin, or  whether you are looking for products to hydrate the skin on the body, Spa Find have the perfect gift sets.

To see the full range of Spa Find products visit

Pass the Pigs Games

pass the pigs partyThe cute piggy diced Pass the Pigs games are fantastic Christmas gifts.

The classic Pass the Pigs game is a great game for all the family is a perfect travel game.   Playing the game is simple. You appoint one player as Swineherd and they are in charge of writing down the score. Players take turns to toss both pigs simultaneously into the air, the points you get is determined by how they land. Once you have seen how many pints you have you have the option of keeping these points or throwing again. Players can throw the pigs as often as they like to boost their score but they need to beware, if they throw a Pig Out they score zero, and if they throw Makin’ Bacon, they lose all points accumulated in the game so far. The First player to 100 points wins the game.  This game is for 2 or more players and is suitable for children aged 7+. The RRP is £9.99.

Another fantastic Pass the Pigs Game is Pass the Pigs Party. This game takes the formula for Pass the Pigs and adapts it, making another fun family game. In this game each player receives one pair of pigs, and a deck of thirty cards is shuffled. Each card in the deck contains one combination of pig positions and a corresponding number of points. Players take turns rolling their pigs in an attempt to match these positions, with the first player to do so winning the points listed on the card. Play continues until one player reaches 100 points. This game is similar to Pass the Pig but some of the traditional rules have been tweaked to keep the game moving. This game is for 2-4 players and is suitable for children aged 7+. The RRP is £14.99.

Pass the Pigs games are great for all the family and are ideal Christmas gifts this Christmas.

Discovery Globe Planetarium


discovery globe planetariumThe Discovery Globe Planetarium is the ideal gift for someone who loves learning about space and is a fun and interesting way to learn about the stars and planets.

The Globe Planetarium projects constellations onto walls and the ceiling to show children how the stars move across the night sky. The electronic base rotates the globe and a light pointer gives children the chance to point out particular constellations. Children can also listen to a commentary about the planets.

This set includes an amazing CD-ROM with which children can trace stars, planets and constellations and discover where to find them in the sky at any given time. Children can also read about planets, constellations and the legends behind the zodiac signs in the colourful manual.

The Globe Planetarium requires 6 x AA batteries and is suitable for children aged 8 and over. This toy is educational, safe and fun and is perfect for children who enjoy learning about space.

The RRP is £24.99 and it is available from Argos.