CÎROC Red Berry

For a very special mum

10 Mar CÎROC Red Berry

ciroc red berry 2Mum’s will love a bottle of CÎROC Red Berry this Mother’s Day. This is the perfect way to say thank you for everything your mum does for you.

CÎROC Red Berry is distilled five times to ensure high quality and is masterfully infused with raspberry, strawberry and other natural flavours. This wonderful drink will give mums a taste experience that is lusciously different and elegantly smooth.

To add something a little extra special this year, CÎROC have teamed up with luxury personalisation service INKD so you can personalise a bottle specially for your mum.

You can even make your mum a special cocktail this year using CÎROC Red Berry. With a balance of fresh wild raspberry, luscious ripe strawberry essences and a delicate elderflower cordial, this cocktail will be the perfect treat for mums everywhere.





  • 35ml CÎROC Red Berry
  • 35ml Rosé Wine
  • 15ml Elderflower Cordial
  • Top w/ Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water

You can garnish this cocktail with edible flowers, elderflower plant and strawberry slices. This cocktail is served perfectly with ice cubes in a hi-ball glass. You simply add the ingredients stir and then top with the chosen garnish. Mums will adore this wonderful cocktail.

CÎROC Red Berry is available from www.getitinkd.com and the RRP is £33.00.