Disney Frozen Aquabeads Playset

Brilliant for encouraging imaginative play

28 Jun Disney Frozen Aquabeads Playset

aquabeads 1With the summer holidays fast approaching, anyone with children is starting to think about how they will entertain their children for so many weeks. If you are looking for an activity for the holidays that lets your child’s creative side take over, then the Disney Frozen Aquabeads Playset is a perfect choice.

Aquabeads are an innovative line of bead art crafting sets that allow children to design unique creations. Aquabeads are small colourful beads that amazingly stay together with just a mist of water. These kits are ideal for independent or group play and are great for helping to develop children’s fine motor skills. Picking up and placing these small beads exactly where they want, encourages children to use both control and precision.

The Disney Frozen Aquabeads Playset is based on the hit motion picture Frozen and allows children to create 6 designs including Anna, Elsa and plenty of snowflakes. Children can design their favourite characters using the Aquabeads and then spray them with water to make them magically stick together.

This Aquabeads set brilliantly provides safe play with easy clean up as no heat or glue is required. This is a feature that will be loved by any parent.

The Disney Frozen Aquabeads Playset is a wonderful playset that will keep children entertained for ages. Included in this set are 800+ beads, 14 colours, 2 template sheets, 1 x Design Table, 1 x Bead Palette, 1 x Bead Pen, 1 x Sprayer and 1 x Layout Tray. It is suitable for children ages 4 years and up.

The RRP is £21.99 and is available from all major retailers.