The gift of eternal youth? Yes please!

02 Aug The gift of eternal youth? Yes please!

In Greek mythology, Eos asked Zeus to grant Tithonus eternal life. Zeus consented to this, but Eos forgot to ask for eternal youth as well, so Tithonus grew forever old and withered…

We know the feeling! Seriously though, there are a multitude of cosmetic products on the market that promise youthful a outlook yet these rarely deliver on those promises. There is perhaps another solution.

Eternal Youth with Dr Nyla

Dr Nyla is a leading cosmetic specialist in the UK, well known within celebrity circles and in the media. The reason for this is down to her pursuit of perfection. She has performed countless procedures for many years and has perfected her award winning non surgical facial rejuvenation treatments.

That’s correct, non surgical…

Dr Nyla has clinics throughout the UK, including Cheshire, Liverpool and London’s prestigious Harley Street. Treatments available at the clinics include ultra sound skin lifting treatments, using radiofrequency and micro-needling techniques to lift and tighten loose skin.

Sensible use of dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections have led to some amazing results (Check out the Dr Nyla website for more details!). Other treatments have been designed to help smooth and brighten skin, with again, fantastic results.

Dr Nyla and her team have well over 50 years experience in all types of skin aesthetics procedures and also offer other treatments to help patients feel so much better about themselves, including body sculpting and contouring – focusing on those troublesome areas of fat that just do not seem to shift, regardless of diet and exercise.

Glowing Skin and Glowing Testimonials

With a growing number of celebrity clients, it’s good to see so many of them leaving such positive reviews: “Doctor Raja is the best skin doctor” – Abbey Clancy. Other famous clients include Spice Girl Mel B, Entrepreneur Karren Brady, TOWIE’s Georgina Cleverley, Coronation Street’s Helen Flanagan and TVs Jenny Powell.

Dr Nyla and her team also offer other treatments including non surgical hair transplants and acne treatments. In fact the treatment list available pretty much covers everything you might need to achieve the look of eternal youth.

Disclaimer: Lux Gifts have not trialled Dr Nyla’s treatments but have researched fully and provide the above article based on our positive findings. For more information regarding Dr Nyla’s treatments, please visit her website at