Drone Force

The terror of the sea illuminates the skies

27 Jul Drone Force

Alpha Animation and Toys

drone forceAlpha Animation and Toys have launched a fabulous new Drone collection called Drone Force that are ideal gifts for any young flight enthusiast. Drone Force is the first line of RC Drones designed specifically for children aged 6+.

The Drone Force drones are inspired by creatures and have a durable ‘Exoskeleton’ cage for maximum crash protection. These drones feature easy-to-use controllers that have intuitive buttons and levers, as well as having an auto, one touch take-off and landing for the beginner flyer.

One fantastic drone from this range is the Angler Attack. This drone looks like a monstrous fish from the sea that has glowing eyes and luminescent LEDs that when flown at low light, lights up the sky in flight, creating an amazing creepy appearance.

This drone is very easy to fly and is ideal for younger users. You simply charge the battery for about an hour and then you can enjoy flying this fantastic looking creature. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a flight range of up to 45 metres. The LED lights look amazing when flying the drone during low light and really add to the creepiness of this flying creature. This Angler Attack is lightweight and has a one touch take-off and landing control. The RRP for the Angler Attack is £69.99 and it is available from Smyths.

Drone Force also have other fabulous drones in the range including The Stinger, Vulture Strike and Morph-Zilla. These drones are perfect for younger flight enthusiasts and will allow children aged 6+ to enjoy flying drones. They are the ideal gift for anyone who loves flying drones and will entertain the flier for ages.