For unwanted hair growth


frenesies 1FRÉNÉSIES is an innovative brand that was created to prevent unwanted hair growth with permanent results. It was formulated by top scientists and physicians with the purpose of permanently eliminating unwanted body and facial hair growth. The cream is based on herbal extracts and Brazil nuts, which prevent the growth of unwanted hair by stopping the hair growth process within the hair follicle in the area of application.

A great feature of FRÉNÉSIES is that it is very easy to use. You first need to remove the hair from the root by either waxing or with an epilator. You must not use talcum powder or any other oil or cream as this will affect the results. Once you have waxed or epilated you then immediately apply the first application of FRÉNÉSIES, because the pores need to be open for the cream to work. The cream needs to be applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth and the cream needs to be left to dry for one hour. The cream should be applied every day for the next four days. To be 100% hair free it normally takes 2-3 full treatments due to the different phases of the hair growth. For the bikini area, it may take up to 6 treatments.

There are three different ranges of FRÉNÉSIES; Facial, Body and Men. Each range is suited to the need of the user. FRÉNÉSIES Facial products are specifically designed for the delicate facial skin of women, whilst the FRÉNÉSIES Men products are strong enough to meet needs of the stubborn hair of men.

FRÉNÉSIES cream is a great gift to give someone who wants to get rid of unwanted hair as it is a gift that they can enjoy forever. The RRP for 50ml FRÉNÉSIES body is £220.00, for 50ml FRÉNÉSIES Men it is £220.00 and for 30ml FRÉNÉSIES Facial it is £195.00.