Gameband + MinecraftTM

Take the Minecraft experience everywhere you go

17 Aug Gameband + MinecraftTM


Gameband + MinecraftTM is the perfect gift for all Minecraft fans as it is the first ever Minecraft wearable. It allows you to seamlessly play Minecraft anytime, anywhere, on any computer.

Gameband + MinecraftTM simply plugs into the USB port of any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. You launch the Gameband App and then can enjoy playing one of your favourite games, Minecraft. This wearable is ideal for anyone who does not want to be tied down to playing on a single computer but wants the freedom to enjoy Minecraft wherever they are.

Another great feature of Gameband is its backup service that allows you to save your world. After investing so much time into your world, the last thing you want is to lose this. Gameband brilliantly allows you to back up your world into a secure, cloud-based server. So if you lose it you can get a replacement with all your data intact. I think this backup service is an absolutely brilliant feature of the Gameband as I know how much time can be spent playing Minecraft, so being able to keep your world is great.

You can also customise your Gameband using the PixelFurnace App. This allows you to customise messages, images and animations that you can create and share on the PixelFurnace website.

7As Gameband will be worn for long periods of time, I was interested to see how comfortable and durable the band is. The first thing I noticed was how stylish the Gameband is. When I tried it on, it was also surprisingly comfortable and it can withstand daily use. Brilliantly, the Gameband is splash proof, is resistant to high and low temperature, is scratch resistant and shock proof. It can definitely be worn over long periods of time and still stay intact.

Gameband + MinecraftTM is pre-loaded with fantastic maps from Sethbling, Hypixel and Dragnoz.

The Gameband is available in two sizes: Small (6.2 inches/15.7cm) or Large (7.3 inches/18.5cm).

The RRP is £64.99. For more information visit It is also available at Currys PC World.