Get ready for the Barbecue Season

BBQ Season has arrived

12 May Get ready for the Barbecue Season

Have a look at these gifts that are perfect for anyone who loves a summer barbecue and is a master at the grill. You can impress your loved ones and friends with your grilling skills and make entertaining this summer both extremely enjoyable and easy.

Perfect kitchen tools from OXO

Perfect for the BBQ season are the fantastic range of kitchen tools from OXO. Their set of stainless steel tongs, are ideal for cooking, tossing and transferring food on the grill. The scalloped heads hold food gently, and the soft grips provide comfort where it’s needed. They are extremely easy to use and are sturdy enough to hold your food brilliantly. They are available in 9”/12” with a stainless steel/silicone head. The RRP start from £10 and are available from

Another great kitchen tool is the OXO Salad Spinner. This can quickly and easily dry your salad ingredients so the salad dressing sticks beautifully to all the ingredients. It offers a unique one-handed operation where you simply push down the pump. It also has a fantastic non-slip ring on the base so it sticks to the worktop when spinning at top speed. The flat lid makes storage very convenient and it comes apart for cleaning at the press of a button. The base of the spinner can also be used as a salad bowl. The RRP is £26.00 and it is available from

Outdoor products from Zippo

Iconic brand Zippo have a wonderful range of outdoor products ideal for this season. The Zippo Flexible Neck Utility Lighter is the ultimate accessory for the BBQ season. This lighter is perfect for getting into those hard to reach places like the BBQ grill, lanterns and candles. This wonderful lighter makes lighting the BBQ grill very easy because of its flexible neck. It is also brilliant to use indoors when lighting candles and I use it all the time when I light my scented candles. The lighter is available in Black Matte or Chrome and the RRP is £14.50.

Another great product from Zippo is the Zippo Hand Warmer. This is ideal for outside dining or BBQs when the temperature drops and it starts to feel a bit chilly. If like me, you love spending time outdoors but feel the cold easily then this is the perfect product for you. The stylish hand warmer stays hot for up to 10 hours and the sleek design fits seamlessly into pockets. It would also be great for those chilly sports matches, outdoor dining or festivals. The RRP is £20.75.

Eco-friendly Barbies Barbecue Fuel

Barbies Barbecue Fuel is new for summer 2015 and is a new eco-friendly alternative to imported lump wood or briquette charcoal. It is made from 100% renewable clean wood.

As the product has no chemicals, binders or additives, it gives a great flavouring to cooked food and disintegrates into compostable ash after use.

It is very clean to handle and is not black and dirty like charcoal. It is also easy to use and light, and actually gives a similar cooking experience as conventional charcoal. Also, due to the purity of the wood it gives a great flavouring to cooked food.

The Barbies Barbecue Fuel is now available nationwide. The RRP is £19.95 for 3 x 5Kg bags and is available from

The Verycook Plancha Gas Grill

The Verycook Plancha grill is ideal for the BBQ season. This grill makes outdoor cooking extremely easy. This wonderful grill offers not only the performance of professional cooking equipment, but also a stylish modern design. The new colourful gas grill that is available in 10 colours with a choice of three cooking surfaces; rolled steel griddle, enamelled steel griddle and stainless steel griddle.

The Plancha grill has a large cooking surface (60cm x 40cm) so you can cook for many guests at the same time, making it easy to entertain and socialise with friends.

This grill is also very easy to use. The griddle effortlessly reaches a temperature of 300°C in only 3 minutes thanks to two enamelled burners. This heating power and accurate temperature control ensure that precise cooking is very easy to achieve.
The Plancha grills are available to buy from The RRP starts from £289.00.