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16 Sep The View from the Shard from Buyagift

shard 1 (1)Buyagift is a website that allows you to choose gifts of a lifetime for loved ones. The wide range of gifts on Buyagift means you will find a gift to suit everyone. Whether you are looking for experiences for children, adults, families or couples you will be able to choose the ideal gift from this website.

Finding the perfect gift is not always easy as you want to give something special to loved ones. What is great about Buyagift is that you can give a gift that will help others create wonderful, happy memories that will stay with them forever.

The wide range of gifts from this website ensures you will find the perfect gift for any recipient. The process is very simple, you just look through the website and find the perfect gift. You then make your purchase and a voucher will be sent to you by email or post. This voucher can be given to the recipient and they can log on to the voucher website and contact the provider to book the experience. They can then choose the best date and time. Some experiences do not have to be booked in advance and you can simply visit the experience with your voucher.

shard 2 (2)When I used Buyagift, I went to visit the Shard with my husband and two children. We did not have to book in advance and simply took the voucher to the Shard and enjoyed this experience. The View from the Shard was amazing. When we visited it was a clear, sunny day and the views were spectacular. From the top of the Shard, we had a 360-degree panoramic view of London which stretched to 40 miles around. We could see so many sights of London and we loved spotting the places that we had previously visited as well spotting some of the popular London attractions.

When we reached the top of the Shard we took our time enjoying the view with an ice-cream- the perfect snack on a hot day. The Shard was fairly busy when we visited but we could still see the whole view all the way around the Shard and did not feel rushed at all when we were up there. It was thoroughly enjoyable day and we are so glad we visited.  The price for this experience for two adults and two children was £85.00.

Buyagift has lots of experiences with the Shard.  To see the full range visit