Guylian Chocolates

New caramel, crunchy biscuit and milk truffle

06 Feb Guylian Chocolates

I absolutely adore Guylian chocolate, their praline truffles are one of my favorite chocolates. So when I heard Guylian had three new flavours available I was very excited to try them. And Guylian definitely did not disappoint.

The three new flavours available are: Caramel, Crunchy biscuit and Milk Truffle. All three flavours are in the shape of beautiful sea horses.

Guylian’s new Caramel Sea Horses are filled with a delicious soft and delicate caramel filling with a Belgian milk chocolate shell. They are created in-house using artisanal techniques and open kettles. These caramel filled Sea Horses are a sensationally smooth addition to the Sea Horse family.

The Crunchy Biscuit flavour is also encased in a wonderfully smooth Beligan chocolate shell. The soft filling of crunchy biscuit pieces with a hint of vanilla is a truly delicious taste sensation.

Guylian’s Milk Truffle flavour is also absolutely delicious. These are filled with a smooth milk truffle filling. The creamy texture melts in your mouth and contrasts perfectly with the crisp Belgian milk chocolate shell.

Guylian’s new range of flavours would make lovely gifts this Valentine’s Day and Mother’s day as your loved ones will feel extremely spoiled receiving these gorgeous chocolates.

Guylian’s chocolates are available from all major supermarkets and Guylian’s UK web shop The RRP is £4.00.