Hair and body perfume by label.m

A fresh, powerful feminine fragrance

21 Jan Hair and body perfume by label.m

Label.m has created a wonderful perfume for both hair and body. This beautiful fragrance is designed to nourish and revive the hair and body with a gorgeous long lasting light, fresh scent. The scent is a mixture of sparkling citrus blossom, white florals and rich woods. Argan Oil is also included to nourish and add an ultra-light protective shine to the hair.

This hair fragrance is suitable for all hair types. You just spray it lightly over dry hair and your body (if you wish) and a beautiful subtle fragrance covers you. This wonderful fragrance will definitely make you feel both special and glamorous. This gorgeous fragrance comes in a luxurious clear glass bottle with a stunning black bow and is encased in a metallic silver box.

This perfume is a perfect gift for both Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as it will make a loved one feel extremely special. It is also a gift that can be enjoyed well after Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, reminding the recipient how special they are.

Label.m perfume is available from . The RRP is £19.50 for 50ml.