Judge Popcorn Maker

Enjoy a fabulous tasty treat in moments

21 Jun Judge Popcorn Maker

popcorn-makerThe Judge Popcorn Maker is a fun, quirky gift that will be loved by anyone who adores fresh, homemade popcorn. This wonderful gadget makes a fabulously light, tasty treat in a matter of moments with no mess, no fuss and brilliantly, no risk of burning.

This fantastic gift has a fun retro design that simply turns popcorn kernels into a fluffy snack-all in under one minute.

A great feature of this popcorn maker is that it does not need oil to cook the popcorn kernels, making it low in both fat and calories. However, if you do feel adventurous and want to flavour the popcorn you can create your own flavour sensations such as melting a little butter, honey or chocolate in the tray provided and adding it to the popcorn.

This Popcorn Maker is very easy to use which is great. You simply fill the measuring cup with the kernels and place in the popping chamber. You then place a bowl under the shoot of the popping chamber and then switch on the ‘On’ switch. Within a minute the kernels should start to pop. When the corn has stopped popping you simply switch off the machine. If you want to add flavour to your popcorn, before turning the machine on you can add butter, honey or chocolate into the tray and this will melt the contents as the kernels pop. You cannot put the contents of the tray into the popping chamber as it will damage it.

The Judge Popcorn Maker is a fantastic gift for all popcorn lovers and will make home movie nights even better than before.

The RRP is £37.50. Visit www.judgecookware.co.uk for stockists.