Leapfrog Creativity Camera

Designed for little ones

13 Nov Leapfrog Creativity Camera

This sturdy case and free downloadable creativity app turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a child friendly camera. The brilliant case protects both your device and your data.

The camera case is lovely, bright and colourful which will appeal to any young child. My 3 and a half year old loved this creativity camera. He was so excited to start taking his own pictures. He also liked using mummy’s iPhone in the case.

This fab case unlocks 6 creativity modes. Children can take picture perfect shots on the camera and then edit them to create works of art. They can also dress the photos up with silly designs. Children can add facial features such as googly eyes, comic mouths or different wigs. My son loved putting purple hair on me!

Children can also create 3 photo books which help them learn about colours, the alphabet and different emotions. They can also look at the pictures they have taken in the gallery.

There are also games available to play where children catch things and match flying creatures to different colours. Another brilliant way to entertain them.

The creativity camera is a good introduction to taking photos and editing them. My son loved playing with this toy and learnt how to take pictures. I am not sure if it will still entertain him when he is 6 (the recommended age range is 3 – 6 years) but it is definitely a good introduction to taking pictures.

As the child uses your iPhone or iPod touch in the case, it is a reasonably priced way to introduce children to photography as the Creativity case is not too expensive.

The Leapfrog Creativity Camera takes children on a photo adventure and will definitely entertain them. A great gift for Christmas or birthdays.

The Leapfrog Creativity Camera is available from www.leapfrog.co.uk. The RRP is £14.99.