LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Brilliant for encouraging early writing

01 Oct LeapFrog Scribble and Write

Being a fan of LeapFrog I was delighted to try the LeapFrog Scribble and Write.

The Scribble and Write is suitable for children aged 3 + and is a great way to encourage an early interest in writing.

The Scribble and Write is ergonomically shaped so it is easy for children to hold. It has a pen attached to a cord that is kept neatly underneath the toy.

Children trace the lights to draw simple shapes, lines and upper and lower case letters. The learning is progressive as a child can start by tracing over lines and shapes to develop pencil control and then move on to tracing letters.

Both upper case and lower case letters are taught. Each letter is drawn in stages while the voice over explains each stage. Once the letter is drawn in lights, children can then trace over the lights trying to follow the stages shown to them. When they have finished drawing they press the paw button. The lights then turn off and the children can see the letter they have written on the screen. Using the bar at the bottom, children can then wipe the screen clean and start again.

Children can also play ‘Guess the letter’. Parts of a chosen letter light up and the child has to guess what letter is being drawn by pressing the correct letter button. If the child is correct, they are praised.

The Scribble and Write definitely encourages children to write and helps them learn their letter sounds. However, I did notice some letters were not formed correctly as some started the letter from the bottom rather than the top. It is also hard to know if children follow the correct instructions given by the voice over. Unless you sit with them you will not know if they have formed the letters correctly.

Having said this, the Scribble and Write does motivate and encourage children to start writing. Both my two children loved this toy and would often play with it together as they both wanted to use it. This toy therefore definitely gets the thumbs up from me as it does make learning fun.

The Scribble and Write cannot solely be used to teach children to write, but can certainly be used to support children’s learning. A great gift for little ones.

LeapFrog Scribble and Write is available from www.leapfrogstore.co.uk.
The RRP is £19.99.