Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300

A wonderful gift for Mother’s Day

29 Feb Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300

Lumie Elite 300  (4)If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift that is different from the usual flowers and chocolate, then the Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300 is worth a look.

This fabulous bedside system from Lumie is a great way to wake up in the morning as it wakes you gradually with increasing natural light. This increasing natural light signals your body to ease the production of sleep hormones and increase the production of hormones that help wake you up. As the light does this gradually, your body will begin to wake up naturally and you will be less likely to be startled and jump up when you hear your alarm go off. These wake-up lights also help keep your sleep cycle on track, boost your mood, energy and productivity levels all day.

When I used this Lumie Bodyclock I was surprised how refreshed I felt in the morning., The natural light seemed to gradually wake me up and I felt it easier waking up in the mornings. My alarm still woke me, but I found it easier to wake up and get out of bed.
The Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300 has an extensive menu of light, music and meditation options. It has a 15, 30, 60 or 90-minute sunrise to wake naturally and 15, 30, 60 or 90-minute sunset to wind down for bed. This gradual sunrise and sunset is great for gradually waking you up and gradually allowing you to wind down in bed.

Another wonderful feature of this Bodyclock Elite 300 is that it has a choice of wake-up sounds to enhance your sunrise, including dawn chorus, rain and waves. It also has guided meditation by Meditainment, who are experts in audio for sleep and well-being. I liked listening to the waves when I woke up and found this very calming and relaxing, it did make waking a little bit easier. In addition to this it also has a choice of relaxing sounds to lull you to sleep. As we all have busy, stressful lives, I thought this feature was brilliant as it helps calm you before bed.

The Elite 300 also has an AM/FM radio to listen to your favourite station and a SD slot to play MP3 tracks. As well as, a 7 day alarm setting and a snooze feature.

The Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300 is a fabulous gift for Mother’s Day as it is a gift that will keep on giving all year round. Any busy mum will love to be woken gradually to help her fell refreshed in the morning. She will also adore listening to the calming sounds to help her relax and unwind.

The RRP for the Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300 is £160 and is available from and several retailers including amazon, John Lewis and Boots.