Fabulous customised jackets for children

29 Oct Miioon

Miioon is an innovative customisable children’s clothing brand. They sell customised T-shirts, pyjamas and a wonderful jacket, the Ruckjack.

The Miioon Ruckjack is an fabulous jacket that transforms into a lightweight rucksack- hence the name, Ruckjack.

When I had the opportunity to review the miioon Ruckjack, I jumped at the chance as I was intrigued by how the jacket would change into a rucksack.

The miioon website allows you to customise your Ruckjack. A feature my daughter loved as she could design the jacket exactly how she wanted.

The Ruckjack comes in two colours- red or blue. This isn’t a large colour choice but they are colours that are fairly unisex and children can still have a choice of colour for their jacket.

You can then choose the inner design of the jacket. The choices were moshi monster or animaru. I hadn’t heard of animaru before but there was a picture of both designs so it was easy to choose your preferred inner design. My daughter chose the moshi monster design.

She could then customise the zips with different icons. There were 10 different moshi monster icons my daughter could choose from. Once these were chosen, the design was complete.

The design is then placed in a ‘treasure chest’ and you have the option to ‘Edit’ or ‘Add to basket’. You can store different designs in this ‘treasure chest’ so children have the option to create different jackets.

One feature I thought was great about this website was that before you can buy, you need to login so adult supervision is required. Children therefore have the creative freedom to design different jackets but cannot purchase anything without an adult’s supervision.

Once purchased the product should arrive within 5-7 working days, at one stage I phoned up the customer service number which was on the website with a query regarding delivery and the customer service advisor was extremely helpful.

The jacket was of a good quality and my daughter absolutely loved the design.

The transformation from a jacket to rucksack is very clever and is easy to do. This is a fab feature and appeals greatly to children.

Overall I think the Ruckjack is a wonderful, good quality jacket. I think the Ruckjack would make a brilliant gift for children.

The RRP for the Ruckjack is £29.99.
Online digital vouchers are available at http://www.miioon.com and Miioon gift cards are available from ASDA stores nationwide.