NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Drop Automatic Coffee Machine

A fabulous automatic coffee machine

14 Mar NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Drop Automatic Coffee Machine

krups-drop-glossy-white-machine-view-3The Nescafe Dolce Gusto Drop Automatic Coffee Machine is the perfect gift for any coffee lover and is a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year.

Drop is a new automatic coffee machine by Krups that has a stylish, chic silhouette that will look great in any kitchen. It also has a 15 bar pump pressure that means it can make coffee-shop quality coffee. It can produce drinks in the quality you’d expect from a barista, such as the impressive foam on a cappuccino, the complex layers of a latte macchiato, and the smooth richness of a Chococino.

The Drop is an automatic coffee machine so you can customise your drink to best suit your taste.  I think this is a great feature as you then have the control to make the drinks your own way. Being automatic, also means the coffee machine is very easy to use.

krups-drop-metallic_red-machine-view-2To use you this machine you simply put water into the water tank and press the power button. When this button turns green, the machine is ready to use. You then place your chosen cup on the tray and place the capsule into the dispenser. The volume selector is used to illuminate the number of bars you need to make your coffee. To see how many bars you need, you just look at the top of the capsule. For hot beverages you then press the red button on the top of the machine, for cold beverages you press the blue button. Once the desired volume is in the cup you can either replace the capsule with the second one and repeat the process or take the capsule out, switch the machine off and then enjoy your drink.

This machine is both fuss-free and mess-free so you can make a gorgeous beverage with ease and without the hassle of having loads to clean up afterwards.

There are a wide range of capsules available, including Vanilla Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and Caramel Chococino. The Vanilla Latte Macchiato is a lovely flavoured coffee that is perfect for the Easter season. This has quickly become my favourite coffee flavour!

With such a wide range of beverages available, everyone in the household can benefit from this machine whether you are a coffee lover, tea lover or if you prefer the taste of Hot Chocolate. I would definitely recommend the Dolce Gusto Drop; it is a gift that will be loved by all in the household.

This stylish coffee machine is available in three colours; white, red and silver so you can choose the best colour for any recipient.

The RRP for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Drop Automatic Coffee Machine is £149.99 and it is available to buy from, Argos, Very and Amazon.