Penclic Mini Keyboard Black Edition

A fabulous Bluetooth keyboard

16 Mar Penclic Mini Keyboard Black Edition

penclicThe Penclic Mini Keyboard is a fabulous gift for tech lovers. The Penclic latest mini keyboard looks and feels amazing. It is made of metal and the buttons feel great to type on.

This keyboard connects via Bluetooth and works with Windows XP and newer, ios and android. It is very simple to use and allows you to use a keyboard with your devices. So, if you need to use a bigger keyboard than your device has, Penclic mini keyboard amazingly allows you to do this.

One great feature about this keyboard is that it gives you the versatility of connecting the keyboard via Bluetooth as well as allowing you to switch to corded connection. For corded connection, the cable length is 150cm.

I found this keyboard very simple to use. You simply pair it with your device and then away you go!  This keyboard is very handy when I need a bigger keyboard than my device has. I used it with my iPad and it worked brilliantly. I also thought the wireless reach of 10 metres was very good. This keyboard was comfortable to use and looks very sleek and stylish.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is USB HID 1.1 compatible and has a battery capacity of 250mAh. The battery type is lithium-polymer battery. It also has a sleep energy saving mode that activates after 30 minutes. You simply press any button to reconnect.

The surface of Penclic Mini Keyboard is 280 x 115.5mm and it weighs 284g.

The Penclic Mini Keyboard is a fabulous gift that anyone would love to receive. The RRP is £79.99 and is available from