Protect Alarm by Y-Cam

A smart home security system easy and accessible to all

10 Jan Protect Alarm by Y-Cam

protect-home-bundleThe Protect Alarm by Y-Cam is a brilliant and easy way to protect your home and family. It uses fantastic alarm sensor technology and Y-Cam’s secure cloud platform, which together, create a complete smart home security solution.

The Y-Cam Protect includes a Protect Hub, an Access Sensor, a Motion Sensor and a remote control.  The Protect Hub is the central centre for your Protect Alarm system. This Hub is what all the sensors in your home are connected to.  The Hub includes an 8 hour battery backup, a preinstalled SIM card and a Siren. The Hub can easily be controlled by the remote control or by using your smart device app.

The Smart device app is a brilliant feature as it allows you to access the alarm from anywhere and allows you to receive instant alerts to your phone. I think this is great as you have the peace of mind knowing what is happening in your home, even if you are not there. As well as this, if you forget to set your alarm you can do so via the app. The app allows you to arm all sensors, disarm all sensors, send text messages to trusted people and arm the Perimeter Access Sensors only.  The remote control can be used instead of the app when you are within remote reception range of the hub.

The Y-Cam Protect also includes an Access Sensor. This secures any potential access points in your property including doors, windows and drawers. The sensor comes in two parts and when the link between them is broken the alarm will be triggered. It also has a tamper switch which means that if there is any interference with the sensor the alarm will also be triggered.

y-cam-protect-appThe Motion Sensor that is included with the alarm picks up movement when the Y-Cam Protect Alarm is activated. A great feature with this sensor is that you can deactivate the sensors inside your home and still have the exterior alarm activated. This means when you are home, you can simply press ’home’ on the remote control or app and the motion sensor will be deactivated so you can move freely around your home without setting the alarm off. The exterior alarms will still be activated so the motion sensors can pick up movement outside your home.  For the best coverage the motion sensor should be placed around 2.3m high with a clear field of view.

The Y-Cam Protect is an expandable system, meaning you can tailor the system to your personal needs and add as many sensors and remotes as you would like. It is also a wire-free setup so you will not need to worry about running wires, drilling holes and will not need it to be installed by a professional installer.

The Protect Alarm by Y-Cam is a fantastic system to have in your home that is both easy to use and set up.  Y-Cam currently have a Protect Home Bundle available that includes 1 x Protect smart home security system Hub, 2 x Protect Motion Sensors, 2 x Protect Access Sensors and 2 x Protect Remotes. The RRP for this bundle is £215.00. It is currently on sale for £199.00 at