Read with me Scout

Hours of fun for little ones

30 Jul Read with me Scout

Read with me Scout is a wonderful toy that reads to children and asks them questions about what they have read.

Read with Me Scout includes a cuddly Scout and 5 board books. Each book has a theme, these include Pattern, Narrative, Concept, Rhyming and Learn About. Questions are asked about the books to help engage children and deepen comprehension.

Scout features 5 interactive spots that respond to touch. You can pet his back to answer questions; kiss his cheek and hear him say you’re his best friend; press his left paw to hear songs; and press his right paw for more responses.

A child chooses which story Scout reads to them by pressing one of the numbered buttons on Scout’s collar. Each board book has a number which corresponds to the numbers on Scou’ts collar.

Once a book is chosen, Scout reads the book to the child. After each page, one question is asked and the child can either answer verbally or answer by pressing one of the sensors. Each page has three different questions that Scout can choose to ask so the child will have a different experience of the book each time it is read.

Scout also has a feature called ‘sleepy time’. This mode switches off the sensors so allows the child to cuddle and hug Scout in bed whilst listening to the story. After the book is read, lullabies are then played to get the child ready for bed.

The suggested age range for Read with me Scout is 2 – 5 year olds.

My two and a half year old absolutely loves this toy. He is thoroughly engaged in the stories and loves that Scout ‘talks’ to him. He does answer some of the questions that Scout asks him so I know he is developing his comprehension skills. He also loves the songs that Scout sings and will happily sing along to them. I feel he is the perfect age to start using Scout and I feel as he gets older, Scout will help develop his comprehension skills further.

My five year old daughter also adores Scout, but I do feel she is a little old for the stories especially as she now can read them herself. However, she likes pressing the sensors and hearing Scout sing the songs and will often sit and cuddle him.

Read with me Scout is a fabulous addition to the Leapfrog range and I would definitely recommend this toy for anyone who wants to encourage their children to read.

The RRP is £29.99. Read with me Violet is also available.