Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Food Steamer

Make healthy food full of natural goodness.

23 Jan Russell Hobbs 3 Tier Food Steamer

RH Steamer 2 (2)The 3 tier food steamer from Russell Hobbs is the ideal kitchen appliance to help you eat more healthily as you can cook most of your favourite foods without adding oils or fat.

This steamer is very simple to use as you just fill up the tank at the button with water, place the food you want to steam in the baskets, set the timer and then wait for your food to be cooked perfectly. A guide is included in the box so you know how long you need to steam each type of food for. For example, courgettes will need less cooking time than carrots, while chicken breast will need more time than a poached egg.

The steamer cooks food perfectly. Meat and fish cooked in this appliance keep their flavour and succulence because the steaming process infuses the food and seals in its natural juiciness and nutritional values. Vegetable also taste more flavoursome when steamed and also retain more nutrients than if they were boiled.  The turbo steam ring design in this steamer creates a plume of steam in less than 40 seconds meaning your food is started to cook by 40 seconds.

The 3 Tier Food Steamer has three staked baskets with a total capacity of 9 litres. This allows you to steam different foods simultaneously. It also includes a rice bowl to cook fluffy rice.

This steamer is a must in the kitchen and once you have tried steaming your favourite foods you will wonder how you ever did without this appliance.  Every meal can be full of colourful food full of flavour and natural goodness.

The RRP for the 3 Tier Steamer is £54.99 and it is available from