Sentimo Metal Radiator Covers

11 Oct Sentimo Metal Radiator Covers

Radiators in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms; bedrooms, offices and hallways are often unsightly at best and making them fit into preferred colour schemes and décor styles can be an expensive undertaking – if not impossible. This can make turning a new house into a cosy, stylish home quite difficult. Thankfully, Sentimo have come up with the perfect solution to this dilemma: metal radiator covers.

Custom made in an established, large metal processing plant in the Netherlands, Sentimo’s made-to-measure radiator covers come in a wide range of delightful colours perfect for making unsightly old radiators neatly ‘disappear’ into the background or transforming them into colourful focal points.

Available in two high-quality finishes – ‘solid’ or’groove’ – and offering optimal heat conduction (which, of course, minimises heat loss), these tailor-made covers are suitable for any size & type (i.e. flat or column) of radiator.

The ordering process is simple and clear instructions on how to measure radiators to ensure the perfect fit are provided. Assembly and installation could also not be any easier: the cover’s parts easily clip together, and the assembled cover then simply attaches to the radiator by use of strong magnets – meaning no drilling is necessary.

Competitively priced and delivered – complete with a three-year guarantee covering manufacturing defects – within 30 days (UK Mainland) of order confirmation, these metal radiator covers make a stylish, practical and affordable housewarming gift that will help recipients effortlessly turn a new house into their home – highly recommended.

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