SodaStream Power

A wonderful way to make sparkling water in seconds

06 Jun SodaStream Power

SodaStreamSodaStream Power is the ideal Father’s Day gift for a dad who loves drinking sparkling water. The SodaStream Power machine is the latest sparkling water maker in the SodaStream range and is the first machine in the range to use electricity and touch technology. It allows you to easily make sparkling water from tap water at the simple touch of a button.

When I tried this machine I found it very easy to use. You simply put the carbonator into the back of the machine and fill the carbonating bottle with tap water and place it in the snap lock system. The water needs to be filled up to the fill line indicated on the bottle. SodaStream states for best results use ice cold water. You can choose from 3 levels of carbonation to turn the tap water into sparkling water. The 3 levels are indicated on the front of the machine. LED lights are used to light up the levels and when the bottle has been placed in the machine you simply press the required level of carbonation. I was amazed at not only how easy the machine was to use but also how quickly the tap water became sparkling water.

You can also flavour the water using the SodaStream flavours. This is simply done after the water has been carbonated by placing the favour into the water and shaking gently. There are many flavours to choose from including orange, apple, elderflower, cherry and lemonade.

I love the fact that I no longer have to buy sparkling water as I can now simply make it at home with tap water. I can easily make it when I need and store it in the 1 litre carbonating bottle.

SodaStream Power is very stylish and sleek that will look great on any kitchen work top. It is available in both black and white so you can choose the colour to best match your kitchen.

The RRP for SodaStream Power is £149.99 and is available from