Spinning Seas Water Table

A perfect gift for little ones this Spring

22 Mar Spinning Seas Water Table

Spinning Seas 1A wonderful gift for a little one this spring is the Little Tikes Spinning Seas Water Table. This fantastic table helps recreate the fun of the seaside in your own back garden.

As we all know little ones love water play and can learn so much from this type of play. Little Tikes have superbly created a water table that little ones will absolutely adore and have hours of fun playing with. Children can pour, splash and make waves in this fun filled table.

This fabulous water table includes a central tower to encourage the development of throwing skills, as children can toss balls down the tower and watch as they go down and spin the wheels. There is also a Ferris wheel that can be turned to scoop up and drop balls.  As well as this there is a ball launcher that will provide hours of fun as balls can be shot into the water.

Another great feature is the spinner that children can turn to keep the water moving. Little ones will love seeing how much they can make the water move.

Included with this water table are 4 balls and a water scoop.

The Spinning Seas Water Table is a wonderful gift for any little one who loves playing with water and loves making things work and move. It is a great size and can easily fit in to any back garden. This fantastic water table is suitable for children aged 2+.

The RRP is £49.99 and it is available from www.littletikes.co.uk.