Stellar Cookware Rocktanium Frying Pan

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10 Sep Stellar Cookware Rocktanium Frying Pan

stellar-rocktaniumThe new Stellar Cookware Rocktanium Fry Pan collection is a fantastic collection of pans that feature Quantanium non-stick coating. This makes cooking with them extremely easy as food does not stick to the pan.

Non-stick cookware is a practical must in the kitchen. When you are busy making family meals the last thing you need is for the food to stick to your cookware. The Quantanium non-stick coating on the Rocktanium Fry Pans ensures food does not stick to the pan whilst cooking so you are not spending hours scrubbing them clean.

When I used one of these pans for cooking I was very impressed that not only did the food not stick to the pan but the pan was extremely tough and wonderfully scratch resistant. I dislike having to leave dishes to soak after I have been cooking and I have used the Rocktanium pan several times now and the food has brilliantly never stuck to it.

The Rocktanium range comprises of 5 heavy duty frying pans, that range in size from 20cm to 30cm. This collection has been created from thick aluminum for perfect heat distribution. They are also suitable to use on any hob type. They can also be used in the oven up to a temperature of 210 degrees Celsius because each pan has a comfortable hollow cast riveted handle for both strength and stability. In addition to this, the collection is dishwasher safe.

The Rocktanium Fry Pan collection is a brilliant addition to any kitchen as these hardwearing non-stick frying pans make cooking easier. The RRP for these pans start from £25.00. To see stockists visit