Stellar Stainless Steel Stick Blender

A handy kitchen gadget

30 Sep Stellar Stainless Steel Stick Blender

The Stellar stainless steel stick blender is an attractive kitchen tool, made of brushed stainless steel and brilliant black buttons. It is a very sturdy machine and has an ergonomically designed grip, making it very comfortable to use.

The blender was extremely easy to assemble. It comes in two parts; a motor unit and blending unit. The two parts connect together easily and safely. The two parts mean the blender is very easy to store; a feature I loved.

I used the stick blender to make homemade soup. I am a huge lover of soup and regularly make my own at home, so was interested to test the blender whilst making vegetable soup. I cut the ingredients into approx 2cm pieces (as suggested by the Stick blender leaflet). I then cooked the vegetables as usual, then once cooked used the blender to make the soup.

I found the blender very easy to use and found it worked extremely well to blend the ingredients. My soup was created quickly and effortlessly. I started blending on a low power (to avoid splashes) and then gradually increased the power. There is also a turbo button, which I also tested out. This button is great for short bursts of high power blending. The blender was very sturdy and ergonomic grip on the blender also made the blender comfortable to hold.

I blended my soup directly in the pan which worked well. Although, if doing this, make sure you are using a pan that will not get damaged by the blender.

Overall I was very impressed with this blender. It made blending food easy with very little mess. It was also very easy to clean. I used soapy water to clean the blending unit which worked well. The blending unit can also be washed in the dishwasher if preferred.

The Stellar Stick Blender has a 2 year guarantee and the RRP is £45. It is available from