15 Jan TumBall

TumBall is a hilariously fun new game from Megableu.  The whole family will love playing this nerve wracking, bead stacking game and is the perfect gift for anyone over 6 years.

To play this fabulous game, each player receives an equal number of white beads. Players then take turns to stack the beads one by one onto the coloured cluster. Players watch as this cluster shakes, shimmers and slowly separates as they place the balls on. Each player needs to keep a steady hand and think carefully as they place the balls onto the coloured cluster, as one slip or a bead in the wrong place will cause everything to come crashing down- a TumBall!

TumBall is a fun game for all the family and will entertain children for ages.  You really do have to concentrate when you play and keep your hand as steady as you can as you do not want it all to crash down.  Seeing the delight on players’ faces when they manage to place a white bead without anything dropping is brilliant!

This game is suitable for children aged 6 years + and the RRP is £17.99. Visit www.megableu.com/uk for stockists.