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10 Nov Vertigo Adventures

vertigo-adventuresVertigo Adventures is a brilliant day out for all the family. It is an exciting course that is one of the toughest in the UK and has activities on both high and low ropes. Fantastically, it has elements that are suitable for all the family, so there is a chance for everyone to take part, from fearless five year olds, to tenacious teens and from daring mums and dads.

I was excited to visit Vertigo Adventures and went with my husband and two children, aged 8 and 5 years.  We absolutely loved the visit and would definitely return.

When we first arrived we were greeted by one of the staff members who checked us in and explained the different activities.  There are two levels available; a 10ft high ‘Monkey Trail’ and a 40ft high ‘Hawks View’ course. The Monkey Trail is for children from age 5 and is the perfect starter course. This course is great for children as they get to experience walking across ropes and wooden bridges as well as climbing through the tunnel, all at a height of 10ft. Adults can also go on this course with their children if they want to as well.

The ‘Hawks View’ is a much higher course and is only suitable for those who are 1.4m tall and above. This course is extremely daring and is definitely for those who love heights!

vertigo-adventures-monkey-trail-tubeWe decided to go on the ‘Monkey Trail’ as the ‘Hawk’s View’ was a bit too daring for us. My children were not tall enough for the ‘Hawks View’ but the ‘Monkey Trail’ was perfect. When we had decided what we were going to go on, we were shown how to put our harnesses on and were explained how the day would run. The member of staff who was with us throughout our visit was brilliant. He was extremely helpful and was great with the children. Once our harnesses were on he clearly explained how the course works. One person only is allowed on each section of the course at any one time for safety reasons.  There were waiting platforms between each activity for the person behind to wait. We were all attached to a harness throughout the course so even if we slipped off the equipment we would not fall.

The course was so much fun and my two children really enjoyed themselves. My 5 year old needed a bit of help on one of the activities and the Vertigo Adventures staff were on hand to help him straight away.

Our visit was near Halloween so Vertigo Adventures set visitors a challenge where they had to carry Dracula’s blood (water) in a plastic cup around the course and if they did not spill any and could fill Dracula’s cup at the end, they would win a prize. My children loved this challenge and were determined to not spill any water. My 5 year old spilt and bit but my 8 year old went around the course the second time, holding the cup and not spilling any. The staff were great and as they both did well, they both won a prize (even though my 5 year old did spill a little). Their prize was a go on ‘The Plummet’. This is over 40ft and you have to step off a platform and powerfan descend, enjoying a sense of free falling before you come to a controlled stop. My children loved this activity and we got some great pictures of them coming down!

vertigo-adventures1Overall our visit to Vertigo Adventures was fantastic. We found the staff extremely friendly and helpful and were very safe conscious throughout. I would definitely recommend visiting Vertigo Adventures as all the family had a lovely day out.

Vertigo Adventures is at Stanborough Park, in Hertfordshire’s Welwyn Garden City. The prices for the Hawks View high ropes is £15 and for the Monkey Trail low ropes is £10. To see other prices for the other activities visit

2016 / 17 opening times
December to January – closed for winter
February to March – open weekends only from 10am, last session 3pm (open daily throughout February half term)
April to August – open from 10am, last session 4pm
September to November – open from 10am, last session 3pm