Wicked Boomaring

The original returning flying ring

11 Jul Wicked Boomaring

The Wicked Vision Boomaring was launched in May 2013 and is the world’s first returning flying ring. It has recently won the “Best New Outdoor Toy” award at the London Toy Fair at Olympia and received a phenomenal response from the panel of leading toy industry experts.

The Boomaring is easy to throw and to catch and has guaranteed return flights. All you need to do is grip, aim and throw and the Boomeraing returns back to you. Amazingly the flight range is 20-25m. It is made from a specially designed polymer that ‘tunes’ it for different flight paths.

When I used the Boomaring I was amazed how accurately it came back to me after I threw it. I did need a bit of practice to throw correctly but it didn’t take long before I had a good enough aim.

My 5 year old did find it a bit tricky to use but still enjoyed throwing it and seeing it come back to us. It therefore may be better suited for slightly older children. Having said this, both my children were thoroughly amused with it.

I think the Boomaring is definitely a fun summer toy to have and is always with us when we visit the park. I think it is good value for money and a great way to get children playing outdoors.

The RRP is £9.99. It is available to buy at www.wickedmania.com.

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