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19 May Wicked Toys

ukickIf you are looking for ways to get children and adults more active during these unusual times of isolation, Wicked is the place to look. Wicked is a fun toy company that helps to keep children and adults active and away from electronic devices. Wicked understands the importance of keeping fit and active and provides a range of toys to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Wicked Indoor Booma is an ideal toy to help keep you active no matter what the weather is like. Even if it is raining outside you can use the Indoor Booma to keep you entertained.  This boomerang is made of special “memorang” foam that is both soft and safe so will not cause damage in the home. This foam also allows you to tune the wings for different types of flight and will still stay in shape. It is perfect for throwing around larger rooms or even in the garden and when thrown as instructed it will travel around  4-6 metre circle and come back to you. Both children and adults will love playing with this boomerang. It is suitable for ages 3 to 103 and the RRP is £6.00.

wicked mega jumpAnother great toy for indoors is the Wicked UKick. This fuses elements of badminton and football and is ideal if you cannot play football in the house. The aim is to keep UKick off the ground for as long as you can. You can use your hands or feet and either play it on your own or with friends. The UKick is lots of fun to play and can improve hand-eye coordination. You can adjust the amount of pro discs you use to increase the skill level. My son absolutely loves this and it helps keep him active even when it is raining outside. It is suitable for ages 6+ and the RRP is £8.00.

The Wicked Mega Jump is a great way to keep fit whilst also learning new skipping skills. This Mega Jump has high quality ball bearing axles for smooth spins and is fully adjustable so any age can use it. It is very easy to adjust this rope, you simply take off the cap, remove the clip and cut the rope to size. There are many tutorials to watch online to help you learn different tricks and skills so you can learn to skip as a beginner, an advanced level jump roper or a pro. I’ve learnt how to do the Double Bounce and Knee Lift and have had great fun learning these! This rope is available in blue or red handles with a yellow rope. The RRP is £10.00.

Wicked have a brilliant range of toys that will help keep you both active and entertained that are perfect for the whole family. Visit www.wickedvision.co.uk to see the full range of products.