Withings Activité Steel

A stylish automatic activity tracker

16 Mar Withings Activité Steel

black-white (002)The Withings Activité Steel is a fabulous gift for someone who wants an activity tracker that looks extremely stylish.

Activity tracking helps you move more, feel better and sleep better. The Activité Steel automatically tracks everything from running, swimming, dancing and sleeping and syncs the information to your app so you are given in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more.

One brilliant feature of this activity tracker is that the analog subdial gives you continuous, clear insight on your daily activity progress. You will not need to constantly check your phone to get your tracking information and there is no need to press any buttons to get the information you need, as your phone gives continuous updates.

Another great feature is that the Activité Steel will automatically synchronize with the Health Mate app so you can get a detailed picture of your activity. The clear color-coded graphs are easy to read and show all your moves — from your sleep cycle analysis to the calories you have burned. This app also rewards your achievements and offers you advice. The Health Mate app works with iOS 7+ and Android 4.3.3+.

The Activité Steel also has a silent alarm that will wake you up smoothly whilst letting your sleep partner sleep in. You can set the alarm via your smartphone and wake with a light wrist vibration. To check the alarm time, you simply tap 3 times on the glass and the hands will move to it for a few seconds.

In addition to the silent alarm, this fabulous tracker will automatically set itself to the correct local time. So, this is ideal for frequent travellers as your watch will always be set to the local time wherever you are.

As I mentioned before the Activité Steel is a very stylish watch and has a timeless look. It has a 316L stainless steel case, chrome hands and double-domed glass. It also features a soft silicone sport strap and is available in 9 different colours, so you can choose the perfect colour for the wearer.

The Withings Activité Steel is a wonderful gift and would be perfect to give this Mother’s Day or Easter. The RRP is £119.95 and is available from www.withings.com