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Father’s Day gifts from Zippo

06 Jun Zippo Accessories

zippo handwarmer 3Zippo’s range of accessories are brilliant gifts for dads this Father’s Day.  This range includes practical, classically-designed accessories that are the same high quality as the famous Zippo lighters.

Included in this range are the Zippo hand warmers. These are perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors and will bravely venture out in the cold weather. They are available in two sizes; small and large. The large hand warmer will last up to 12 hours and the small hand warmer will last up to 6 hours. If you follow the instructions provided in the pack they are simple to use. To begin you need to fill the hand warmer with Zippo lighter fluid. You can fill it half way or fill it up completely. These give different burning times, so if you do not want it to burn the full time you can fill it up half way instead.  These hand warmers are available in various different colours so you can find the perfect design for your dad. The RRP for the hand warmers is £20.75 for small and £22.90 for large.

Another great accessory from Zippo is the candle lighter. The candle lighter is perfect for lighting candles, lanterns, fire logs and grills. It is simple to use and just needs to be filled with lighter fluid. The flame is also adjustable. £13.75.

Zippo have some fantastic accessories that are perfect for Father’s Day. To see the full range of accessories visit